Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude Test Conducted By Companies


For the students who are in their final year, this is the time that they are all excited for! It is that time of the year when companies visit the colleges and shortlist the students directly from the college, and offer them the Golden appointment letter. But is it as easy as it sounds? Maybe not. Clearing the quantitative aptitude test for the interview is not easy.

The campus recruitment is a real grilling and arduous process. The drive involves 3-4 levels depending upon the company and the college!

Further, the opportunities offered too are varied. For instance, a student from a science background would be suitable for technical and software-related jobs, the test for him would be entirely different as compared to the student from a commerce background!

What is the campus recruitment process?

For all the first time attempters, be very particular about the opportunity that can make you land directly in your dream job. The procedure involves three stages:

  1. Written test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Personal interview

(Some companies also conduct two rounds of interview to choose the most suitable candidate).

All the people fear the written test a lot! After three years of college, the students are habitual of putting tests and marks on the back seat! Right?

But this is not an ordinary test, after all!

This requires hard work and constant efforts. Though not much preparation is required, HOWEVER, if you are weak in maths or have poor communication skills, you need to tighten up your socks or else you will miss on this great chance!

The preparation of one-two weeks would be enough depending upon how well you perceive things.

While preparing the written test, keep a tap on the QUANTITATIVE SECTION.

Yes! This is the basic math that you have always been trying to avoid. Mathematics is quite a havoc on the Brains of most of the students. Thus, the preparation of the quantitative Aptitude test for the interview becomes all the more important.

Some important topics that you need to work upon

  1. Time & Work
  2. Number Systems
  3. Probability
  4. Permutation & Combination (Little differences between these 2 topics)
  5. Time & Distance
  6. Percentages & Ratios

This might sound easy, but the questions can be tricky. So you need to practice beforehand.

The right strategy for Quantitative Aptitude is to practice a lot. Once you are done with reading the concepts, jump to the practice tests.

Unless you practice, you would not be able to comprehend whether you are well prepared or not.

There are just 3 steps to your dream job. One of them is your written test. The QUANTITATIVE SECTION deeply affects the score that you will get.

No matter how hard maths appears to be, give it a try and practice. The test does not ask very high-level questions but if you try to attempt the paper without any practice, it might waste a lot of time.

It would also lead to unnecessary panic.

When it is about your dreams, do not fear walking the extra mile!

Success comes to those who work hard and make things happen rather than waiting for the luck to do something for them!

All the Best!

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  1. Very useful information for last year of students who is preparing for interview in multi national companies. And explained very well.It explained this topic from starting point that’s clear the what’s need of quantitative aptitude test.

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  4. Very useful !! As quantitative Aptitude is one of the most imp subject in preparing for company’s exam as well as competitive exams for MBA.

  5. Quantitative Section really needs a lot of practice and one needs to keep pace on this section if he/she wants to appear for interview in a good multinational company.


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