17 Reasons For Having Your Own Blog


1. Improves Writing

A blog is one way you can improve your creative/content writing and blogging. The blog gives you the freedom to write what you want (sensible). Because it allows you to experiment with writing styles and everything with writing.

2. Thinking capacity

A lot of thinking goes behind the writing. So writing a blog enhances your thinking capabilities. Therefore, work on your thinking tanks.

3. Sharpens your observation

A keen writer is a good observer of happenings around. It makes use of his observations in writing. Hence, if you have a blog you will be observing and this will sharpen your skills. You discover many meaningful things also.

4. Connect with people

An intellectual way of connecting with people around. Blogging connects you with people from everywhere. They will comment, share. As a result, a learning connection is built.

5. Inspiration

Have you ever realized that writings inspire us? In the same way, if you write about a thought you can inspire millions of it. As a result, you act as an inspiration for many. Many of you have taken inspiration from the writers.

6. Free

Blogging is for free. Yes, no one charges you to write down your thoughts. So, it is cheap and the best activity.

7. Improves your resume

Every company needs good writers. If you can write well, have your blog and mention this in your resume. Above all, it will advance your resume and will leave a good impression on the recruiter.

8. Learning

We all learn from each other. If you have a blog you will learn more, you will learn well. Maybe you learn something from another blog. Similarly, someone may learn from your blog. It is a learning process.

9. Builds Confidence

Blogging will build confidence in you that you can write and express. It is all about letting your thought flow. This can be done only when you are confident enough.

10. Make Money

Blogging is a good source of income. You make money through blogging. Hence, you can earn handsome money through this.

11. Credibility

In initial years it takes the time to establish yourself. But once you have done this. People start liking your blogs you will develop credibility in writing the blogs. This credibility will take you to greater heights.

12. Famous

Blogging makes you famous. For instance, your blogs will be published on websites and other portals. People start talking about your writing.

13. Freelancing

As a blogger, you can work as a freelancer. Also, freelancing jobs are quite popular and are worth doing.

14. Promote your interest

You can promote your interests/hobbies through blogging. Because there’s no better way to reach people and to propagate your interest, ideology, and beliefs.

15. Extra money

If you have an interest in writing, you can take this up as an additional career option. Also, you can make extra money out of it.

16. Builds Network

You can build a strong network through Blogging. It connects you with a variety of people.

17. Freedom of expression

Blogging gives you the liberty to express and thus promote freedom of expression. Also, it makes you free and speaks your heart out.

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