Problems In Recruitment Industry And The Possible Solutions


Are you a recruiter? Then you might find this blog speaking your mind out! Because it talks about recruitment problems and solutions. Read this and find out if you’re facing the same problems and find the possible solutions also!

Problems faced during the recruitment

1. Attracting the right candidates

Though the National Unemployment Rate is at historically low levels, the options for discovering the right candidate in a huge number of applicants every year is surprisingly less. Every organization and industry wants to hire but they can’t find enough quality candidates.

2. Identifying the best candidate

Receiving a whole lot of resumes and manually going through them to identify the best candidate is very difficult.

3. Engaging qualified candidates

It poses to be an important problem in recruitment. Often it happens that your emails for recruitment become hard to stand out in the list of recruiters who regularly contact the good candidates.

4. Going for a better offer

The top candidates tend to decline offers in advanced stages of the recruitment process for better prospects with other companies.

5. Replacement period

People tend to change jobs more frequently than ever before and this poses a problem for the recruiters as they’re getting unable to retain the placed candidates.

6. Quick hiring requirements

Hiring fast, while maintaining the quality of hire is a big challenge. Competing with other companies to get the top candidates first is also of concern.

7. Manual hiring

The old, outdated manual hiring process can feel chaotic and disorganized.

8. Social media recruiting

It is surprising how social media platforms are becoming a major way to recruit candidates. It is a powerful tool for finding and attracting talent. Thus knowing how to incorporate social media recruiting techniques into your overall hiring strategy can be a challenge.

9. Employer Brand

Another challenge is to invest in a good employer brand to attract and engage the best candidates. You have to give continuous collective efforts to ensure a positive candidate experience and to promote your culture on social media.

10. Unconscious Biases

Sometimes unconscious biases are responsible for the struggle to attract and hire diverse candidates. So Hiring objectively can pose to be a great challenge.

11. Clients’ dragging out

Clients’ dragging out the hiring process is another recruitment problem you have to face. This happens because of an inefficient recruitment process, miscommunication, and the insistence on hiring “the perfect candidate.”

12. Low-balling candidates

Another issue for recruiters is clients’ low-balling candidates.

13. Ghosting

Apart from all these problems there comes the “ghosting” of job candidates. They schedule an interview but fail or they get hired but don’t report to work. They don’t even call to let the company know.

Recruitment problems and solutions are difficult to track at times, and the following points emphasize why the whole process should be carried out carefully. 

Effects of these problems

  • The dearth of Grade-A candidates results in bad hiring that can cost badly to the company.
  • Manually going through resumes proves to be burdensome and results in spending a whole lot of time during the hiring and there can also possibilities of mistakes.
  • If you can’t engage your candidate, they’ll go to some other company.
  • In the scarce market of talents, you lose the best candidates to other companies with better offers.
  • Placed candidates changing jobs too quickly can hurt your recruiter’s reputation and you may have to start the process all over again.
  • Recruiters want to hire an applicant as fast as possible because vacant positions cost money and delay operations.
  • Using old strategies and not having a clear, purposeful direction in their employment strategy can result in the pitfall of the firm.
  • Spreadsheets can track hiring data but they are prone to human error.
  • Incapable of using social media for recruitment can cost you, potential candidates.
  • The negative candidate experience might put them off. And positive candidate experiences can encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers and enhance your employer brand.
  • Unable to hire objectively is unfavorable for business because it hinders the hiring of the best person for the job and can result in an exclusive workplace.
  • Clients dragging out the process will result in a stretched recruitment process as such perfect candidates don’t exist and thus can hamper your process and reputation.
  • When the candidates are low-balled, they turn down the offers. A lack of a competitive package of salary, benefits, and work environment can alter the candidate’s decision.
  • Ghosting of the candidates sets back your recruitment process and delays the completion of the placement.

Solutions to these problems

1. Clear job requirements

Be clear about the job requirements and give a concise view of the role in the job ads. Knock-out questions application forms are extremely helpful to directly address your key concerns and are a fast way to screen out people who aren’t fit for the role. 

2. Candidate referrals

Make use of candidate referrals such as after placing the candidate, ask your referral (their friend) to refer. And you’ll have a higher chance of securing the candidate.

3. Automated approach

An automated approach such as an applicant hiring system can help eliminate the burden by letting you sort the data about candidate profile, background, and work-history and then you can put more effort toward screening and interviewing those candidates.

4. Great candidate experience

You have to create a great candidate experience to engage the interests of the candidates. Personalize your sourcing emails to tell them what the company can offer to them. Write an effective job description noting the benefits, salary, and perks your client is willing to offer.

5. Prioritize the candidate

Listen to the candidate throughout the process and clear about the necessary skills and job duties. Be enthusiastic while extending an offer and set expectations. Ask if they might entertain multiple offers and if they would accept a counter-offer from the current employers should that be made.

6. Client’s culture

Source the candidates with a high potential to be long-term employees. Make sure your client sells accurately to the candidate and that they have a strong onboarding program and strong company culture. Resolve the concerns of the candidates from early on.

7. ATS

Use the recruiting metrics from your Applicant Tracking System to answer questions like – Are all the hiring stages required? Are we looking in the right areas? Do we communicate clearly and quickly with candidates and with each other? Hard-to-fit roles take time and so set the realistic timeline and highlight the importance of hiring carefully.

8. Automated solution

Use an automated solution that simplifies the process of collaborating with hiring managers and communicating with applicants, collecting applications, screening candidates. Store data and export reports using any recruitment marketing software. Thus the hiring teams can compile and organize data in an efficient and streamlined way.

9. Strong social media channels

Come up with strategies to connect with the most qualified job seekers on social channels. Also, understand the ways of social media recruiting and determine how to fit it into the overall recruiting strategy.

10. Secure buy-in

You may have to step out of your usual duties and secure buy-in from your coworkers by giving them means to tell their story about their work and what they like. Be sure to reply courteously reply to both good and bad online reviews.

11. Coordinate well

Don’t forget to coordinate well with candidates. Engage the candidates throughout the process by letting them know when they should expect to hear from you and, use an ATS so that applicants can receive consistent notifications in an automated way.

12. Interview guidance

When scheduling an in-person interview, provide them with all the necessary information and explain what they should expect from the interview and what the next steps are to let them know where they’re standing.

13. Website

The look and feel of your website and careers page should portray an accurate representation of your business to potential employees.

14. Few steps to take for stop the clients’ dragging out the hiring process

  1. Determine the priority of the search.
  2. Recognize the true decision-maker.
  3. Guide the client about current market conditions.
  4. Fix a commitment.
  5. Place other expectations.

15. Educating your clients

Solve clients’ low-balling the candidates, by educating your clients about the state of the employment marketplace. Talk to them about the importance of offering attractive compensation. Get creative when it comes to employee perks such as offer flex time, team gatherings, or discounts at their business.

16. Automated email system

Solve the ghosting of the candidates by acknowledging all applicants by email and try to set up an automated email system for this.

One of our Teammates, Naman Khurana has also written a short poem about the Recruitment Process, highlighting Recruitment Problems and Solutions.

He says “despite being talented,  people taste rejection in the recruitment process. The reason is very vague (due to some sort of hatred against particular aspects of the person) which should not be done”.

It’s not that I wasn’t ready,

I was and I know that.

Why was it so biased?

A question that never got answered.

Talents are no longer supported by some,

making many talented ones feel inferior.

Got ghosted out of so many firms,

never got rejection emails as well.

They don’t realize how much it affects us,

how low it can make us feel.

Being a capable one,

yet has to face rejection.

I know I am good for that,

Coz I had a lot of training in that.

Maybe too good? I don’t know.

Maybe this is the problem,

which lies in the system.

Focus on talents, not gender or race.

Skills matter and they should be embraced.

Be the capable one,

Stay positive and calm;

For what Karma has planned for you,

You never know.

Recruitment problems and solutions go hand in hand, we hope this article helps you get your dream job.

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