Relieve Your Child’s Pressure!


Holi the festival where everyone forgets whatever happens in the past and wishes everyone a good future. This shows the significant day when Holika was burnt to ashes and bhakt Prahlad was saved. The Blanket which was fireproof for Holika couldn’t save her.

Everyone is enjoying the festival of colors. Red, green, yellow and green all the colors are spread in the air as if they always existed. The colors seemed to dance in slow motion in the air. The small kids in the locality seem extremely happy as they are filling their pichkaris with the colors.

Rahul’s story of exam pressure

The kids divided themselves into teams and started to have a war with the help of watercolors. Above all, there is joy spread everywhere. Wait, someone is missing, where is Rahul, my son, I can’t see him here. Aghast! He has his board examination running closer. Doesn’t he have the right to enjoy this festive season?

I just went to Rahul’s room and saw him sitting by the window sill and looking at the kids playing with colors. He might be thinking why do we just have to give the examination? The world has become so competitive these days, and students like Rahul have to suffer because of this.

The only way Rahul can play Holi is with his highlighter, the fluorescent yellow.  He is chewing pencil with his teeth and just daydreaming the day when this examination finishes. He is constantly thinking about examination, syllabus, periodic table, plotting the maps.

As a result of the vast syllabus, the fear of failure is constantly killing him, his mind, his senses and he is just shivering. He is thinking how much his friends would have completed till now.

How Rahul’s parents should relieve this pressure o their child 

Don’t let your kid miss this festival just because Sharmaji told you that his son is studying in the room. The problem today is that every parent wants their child to become a topper. We should let them understand that it’s okay to be mediocre.

We don’t need to always win. This compulsive atmosphere creates an environment where the student commits serious mistakes like suicides.

Examinations indeed play an important role in our society. The marks which we score represent us rather than our intelligence. This is the darkest story of our society. Hence, the one who can mug up the lessons and vomit in the examination wins.

Is this the kind of society we dream of? Not. Life is the biggest examination in itself and there is no content to mug up the chapters. Everything is new; we need to prepare ourselves for the fierce fight of life.

So let’s relieve the pressure on your child this Holi

1. Overthinking isn’t the solution

Overthinking will only lead to wastage of time and won’t lead you anywhere. So it’s better to stop overthinking and start working hard.

2. Relieve the pressure on child

This examination might build or break their career. So It important that we support them at this stage. They don’t become lonely. Try to stop stressing them every time you talk to them.

3. An excess of everything is bad

Imagine you love to eat panipuri, but the same panipuri can be hazardous as well when taken in excess. It might spoil your next day’s morning schedule. It is important to maintain a balance between fun and studies.

4. Buddha’s Madhya Marg

Buddha said we should always go between the extremities. For example, we can’t eat the food without salt and at the same time, we can’t eat the food with an excess of salt in it. This would spoil the froth.

5. Take the student to a psychological counselor if needed

If you see your kid feeling stressed always the maybe it is the time to take so step to take him out of this situation. This situation is fragile and might lead your kid to depression. I define depression as “Jaga Sunna Suunaa laage”. You feel you are too lonely.

6. It is a Holi which they will remember their lifetime

Don’t force them to study. When an egg is broken by an external force, Life comes to an end while when it breaks from internal force then Life begins.

Happy Holi!


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