What Is Resume & How To Improve?


Looking for a job?  Do you have your resume?

Yes, a resume is important. Do you know resume improvement tips? You may be having the desired qualification for the job but do you have the desired resume. A resume is the first thing that you will be asked when you appear for your job.

A resume is a summary of your skills and experiences. It is a layout depicting your education, work experience, hobbies. It is an introduction to your professional life. Every interviewer will go through your resume first before they shortlist you for further rounds and personal interviews. So, you must have got an idea of how important it is to have a resume.

You must have an updated resume that provides authentic detail of your work, qualification, experiences and some details about your personal life as well. Design an attractive resume, make use of templates available with your recent photograph.

A well-designed resume will attract the interviewer with desired qualifications and will give you numerous job opportunities and offerings.

Having an impressive resume and a great cover letter are very essential to grow in the professional world, as people are very busy these days, they cannot waste time in meeting every person, so that’s where resume comes in. Therefore you must work towards your resume improvement.

What is a Resume

A Resume is an abstract or brief selective record of one’s personal history & qualifications that are typically prepared by an applicant for a job.

1. It is a professional employment-seeking document that introduces candidates to prospective employers & persuades in decision-making.

2. It reflects a candidate’s personality, aspirations & goals.

3. It is an influential and credible summary of an individual’s employment qualifications.

4. It is a targeted selling document highlight transferable skills and experiences that will be valued by your field of interest.

What all a Resume consists of

1. Personal information

As the resume is basically for professional needs, only a few personal details are required to know you as a person. Personal details include your name, parent’s name, date of birth, gender, nationality, your marital status and a few more that you would like to give.

2. Qualification

includes your education qualification as well as other qualification you have ie. the number of courses you have done. Also, add your work experience if any

3. Extra-curricular activities /additional skills

This section is about the curricular activities you are indulged in or was. You can also add your hobbies

4. Languages 

The languages you know( can speak, read and write) as well as languages you want to work in.

5. Achievements and rewards

Any achievement, word of honor, laurels achieved by you

6. Career Objective

The aim of your life, the kind of career you want, expectations and why you want to work in that particular company.

These all come together and make a resume attractive


1. No spelling mistakes

Firstly, for any resume to be attractive and impressive it is important to have no spelling mistakes in it. Take a spell check. Follow either the rules of British English or American English.

2. Perfect grammar

Secondly, the grammar should be perfect in a resume. As a resume shows information about the person and wrong grammar would give a bad and careless impression of the person. It might indicate that the person does not know the language, preferably English language well. It might turn into a negative point.

3. All the information should be TRUE

All the information which has been given by the candidate should be true n for every achievement or reward he has got, should have a certificate for it.

If found untrue, you will be booked under misleading and providing false information and your chances of getting a job becomes nil. It gives a very wrong picture of the person, his character.

4. Formatting

The alignment should be proper, all the lines and columns should be equal. Generally, it is left-aligned.

5. Proper space between the words

Lastly, rejection in most of the resume is because of irregular and improper spacing. Keep the standard font size and font type. Leave adequate margins, gutter space.

The contents of your resume should look like one entity. At first glance, every element should look in place and should give a very professional, clean look of the resume.


1. A summary of your qualifications, showcases skills, attributes interests.

2. An advertisement or form of persuasive writing that intends to evoke interest and action in an online job search world.

3. Marketing Tool – sells YOU! Summarizes how your skills and abilities can contribute to their company.

4. Employer screening tool: It’s most important function is to get an employer to grant you an interview.

Therefore, work on your resume improvement besides your qualifications. If you don’t have a good resume you might find difficulty in getting the desired job. Thus, make it worth reading and the one that no one can ever reject it.

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