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Who is a sales professional? How is a sales professional life? It can be anyone right from salesman doing door to door selling, a shopkeeper, an area sales manager, a territory sales manager, a country sales manager and a Chief sales officer. This blog will walk you through the life of sales professionals.

Though the kind of work they do and the responsibilities vary hugely, there is a common ground they share: A passion and love for selling their product/ service. An astonishing will and patience to achieve targets and the ability to cope with extreme levels of pressure.

Have you seen MBA graduates from top management schools go into a sales role? Some of them want to do it. Whereas, some are scared to get into it. And some are uncomfortable with traveling entailed with the profession.

A lot of them join the role and eventually grow towards marketing and consulting but many of them stick to what they are doing and also love doing that. We are all familiar with the pressure of the targets that they face and the continuously increasing competition.

Companies need to stand out to become a market leader as per sales are considered. And doing this isn’t an easy job. That is why we need highly qualified sales professionals to strategize to increase and channelize sales.

What keeps a sales professional continuously engrossed and excited about his work life

1. You are the boss

Yes, that’s the truth. You will be the one getting revenues to the company hence a treasure to it. Yes, you do have a reporting hierarchy but when it comes to working, you have all the freedom to do it your way and style.

This entitles you with huge responsibilities, as a result, it tends to turn you into an entrepreneur who is the main factor for your product.

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2. You control your financial destiny

You have complete authority to control your financial gain from the job. Want more money? Work hard, do more sales, earn incentives and there you go.

Not in dire need of money and need to relax, you can do so for a few days. Ensure this does not become a habit or else, it will impact your career.

3. You needn’t depend on others

Although teamwork is a lot stressed upon in the current corporate scenario, being a sales professional gives you the independence to work independently and in turn, you get to be the sole credit taker for the good work you have done.

4. You meet and learn from awesome people

We learn a lot from people that surround us. We learn through their gestures, their body language and the conversations we have with them. Also, they help us grow.

By being a sales professional you get the opportunity to meet a huge number of people with diverse backgrounds. This will always add up to your knowledge and skills and help you build a strong corporate social network.

5. You see the world

Whether you get to travel in your city, state country or the world, sales job ensures that you travel to places that you would not have traveled otherwise. Such a wonderful way to look at a profession!

6. You can be a rebel

Do you like to maintain and follow a traditional status quo or you like to break the shackles and do something new? If you fall into the latter category, sales are the correct profession for you.

You can take the risks you want to take, experiment and try new things on your own

7. You learn how to take rejection

Rejections are always bad and frustrating. They are something you are always afraid of. But they are a part of life. A profession in sales make you face rejections, it depends on you how you take it- feel dejected or take it as a challenge to improve.

In conclusion, it is very important how you take rejections because it may affect your long term goals.

Challenges Sales Professionals Face

1. No segmentation in life

We hear so many times things words like work-life balance and flexible work hour policy. Companies also have policies that people don’t have to work once they have finished their working hours.

But being a sales professional you will not enjoy that privilege. You will have one life and work will be a part of it. There won’t be a clear life of discrimination between the “professional you” and “personal you”

The result of life’s disruptions on your efficiency in sales can be catastrophic. It can result in your being distracted, missing commitments, emotionally exhausted, producing poor results or maybe worse.

2. Overcoming sales objections

Sales objections are inevitable. They may sound like impossible sometimes, but after a good amount of work and thought they seem manageable. So, the first stage is to research the prospect and predict/calculate the objections the prospect might have.

The second stage is to convert each objection into an opportunity by utilizing knowledge and superior customer service.

3. Staying motivated

This is one of the biggest challenges for a sales professional. With high levels of pressure and un-achievable targets, sales professionals find it difficult to stay motivated and keep their spirits high. Technology is disrupting the way each industry functions. Sales professionals are equipped with information and data previously unavailable.

This has led to a tremendous increase in expectations from higher management and thus increased pressure. Thus an organization should keep its sales team motivated by modifying their work. For instance, they should always be ready to accept new challenges and responsibilities.

4. Battling against competitors

Over time competition has increased manifolds. The biggest challenge for a sales rep is to deal with competition and make a distinguished place for its product/service in the market. Competitors may pose the following challenges to you:

  • Set of loyal customers
  • Better quality
  • Lower price
  • Better service
  • Brand image

A sales professional has to deal with these challenges and ensure that their sales are not hampered. At the same time, the utmost care has to be taken that we are playing with the competitor on fairgrounds and are not violating any norms of healthy competition.

5. Not getting qualified leads

Finding a prospect is the first step in the selling process. A prospect is someone that has the potential and interest to buy your product or service. The name or communication details of a prospect are considered as a lead.

The biggest challenge for a sales professional is to identify a lead that has the potential of long term association with your organization.

What to do to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life

1. Ask for help

Your work is of utmost importance and ensures that you take all the steps so that your work is not jeopardized. It starts with asking for help. For instance, ask for help from your manager and teammates.

Help may include asking for suggestions or a hand in work in completing tasks and keeping commitments. Commitments play a major role in the life of a sales professional since they are the face of the organization for the client, hence they must abide by their words to maintain the reputation of the firm.

2. Ask for time

Sometimes you need time off to relax and rejuvenate. Ensure you take that time so that you can get back with renewed determination and energy.

3. Deal with things

Life of sales professional is difficult, don’t let a problem to be a problem for a long time. Give it time, put in an effort, ask for help and eliminate it. Problems not solved at appropriate timings lead to much bigger and severe ones.

4. Wherever you are, be present

It’s not easy to keep your focus when things are out of hand. But remember, wherever you are, be it at work, on a sales call, or dealing with anything, be present there with 100% attention and focus.

This will help you make a lasting impression on your boss, peers, and clients. As a result, it helps you lead a path of success in a career.

As the life of a sales professional is not going to be easy, pull up your socks and get ready to deliver the best with your efforts. Because with great efforts comes greater rewards! 

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