Self-Study – A Sacred Ingredient To Success


Why Self-Study?

To learn and grow is an inevitable part of our lives. But we all dread exams and studying don’t sound like a fun activity. There are numerous coaching institutes, web support, and YouTube content. These can be used to enhance learning techniques but somewhere it doesn’t fulfill our requirement. To get the hang of problem-solving methodology, one requires an umpteen amount of practice and that comes only with self-study.

Steps in Self-Study

1. Planning your immediate goals 

With school or university and other leisure activities, it’s integral to plan the schedule.  

Unrealistic goals inhibit our growth by reducing the motivation levels and doubting our capabilities. It also adds on to the fear of losing the dreamy track.

Short-term goals give us teensy moments of celebration and keep us predetermined. They reduce stress and help in building confidence.

Always plan your little targets and put in all your zest and zeal. Finally, achieve these teeny goals which would one day integrate to give you the final result you’ve wanted.


Schools and various after school supports are time-bound, they solve a good number of problems but it’s never sufficient.

The more you practice, the higher will be your score and the better would be your rank. It is significant to highlight that quantity and quality both matter during self-study.

Solving a thousand problems of the same kind adds very less benefit because it just improves the speed.

Moreover, Solving different types of problems strengthen the conception and helps in discovering new domains of the same hypothesis.

The balance of quantity and quality ultimately affects your final score. So plan your daily studies accordingly, keeping in mind both the aspects!

3. Revision: A key to the lock of success

Educational institutes bestow you with the most precise knowledge and accuracy. The human mind cannot comprehend all of it at one shot.

During the lecture, we feel that we have inferred all the salient and weighty remarks. But this isn’t the feeling during exams, is it?

Revising the concepts explained in the class daily is of exceptional importance. The reason is that the content is very specific and limited.

During exams, there is a huge amount of syllabus and very little time to be thorough with all the topics. That’s when revision saves us like an angel in disguise.

If you have already revised the topics beforehand it gives you a head-start for your exam preparations.

Importance of self-study

Everyone has a different flight of fantasy which requires tremendous effort in multiple spheres.

Self-study indulges you passionately in understanding the subjects and its importance in the career you choose.

It keeps you focused on your path and helps you explore vague aspects of the subject.  Further, it generates curiosity and to quench the thirst of the questions floating in your mind, you have to study!

It clears misconceptions about the topics you dislike. It then provides a more comforting way to understand the subjects you find difficult.

Comparison is a crime

Jealousy and a sense of envy can do more damage than good. It’s essential to realize that we all have different capabilities and we must appreciate all that we possess.

Comparing your success growth rate with someone much ahead than you leads to an inferiority complex. Instead of focussing on giving your best at the opportunity available will boost your enthusiasm.

Casting a condescending look isn’t the most appropriate behavior either. Always remember that everyone begins from the rock bottom. You shouldn’t be in the fake bubble of pride and fame.

We at Edu4sure would be glad to help you develop an effective study plan to suit you perfectly.              

Are you up for this journey?


  1. Self studies is the best way to move forward. As it helps make the student to take charge over their learning and this leads to personal growth.


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