Should An MBA Marry An MBA?


Let us establish this right away that since you are here, either you are an MBA or are planning to marry one. Best of luck in either of the cases because I know it’s a giant step in each of our lives.

Consider the following conversations:

Conversation 1

Partner 1: How was your day?

Partner 2: It was good. How was yours?

Partner 1: Ah! It was okay. Had a disagreement with one of my colleagues over an issue

Partner 2: I am sure it will be fine. Do you want to go out? We could have your favorite ice cream and then we can go for a drive as well.

Conversation 2

Partner 1: How was your day?

Partner 2: It was good. How was yours?

Partner 1: Ah! It was okay. Had a disagreement with one of my colleagues over an issue

Partner 2: I guess that’s part of the job. I am sure you will just figure out how to handle the situation tomorrow.

Did you notice the difference in the conversations between the two couples? Can you guess which of them was an MBA-MBA couple and which one was an MBA – non-MBA couple? While you try to figure out, let us go through some other insights that might help you.

What Should You Look For In A Life Partner?

When you look for a life partner, what are the characteristics do you expect them to have? Also, when you are working on an academic project, you might look for someone who is intellectual and has similar interests in the topic of study, just like you.

1. Similar Interests

When you want to start a new venture, you look for a partner who has an equal amount of passion for the venture as you. You look for someone you can bounce ideas off and who has business acumen and a vision to make your venture a successful one.

2. Maturity

The definition of maturity differs from person to person. For some people, it is about practicality. For others, it is being independent. You would want your life partner to satisfy your definition of maturity.

3. Respect And Independence

Ideal partners value each others’ opinions and respect the boundaries. They do not manipulate each other mentally or emotionally. Most people prefer to have emotionally stable and independent partners.

Now when you look for a life partner, you want them to possess all these exceptional qualities. These would help you both to at least sail through life somehow, if not smoothly. It is possible that they might be highly educated and maybe even an MBA like you are or they could have done something else in another field. But does this mean that if you are an MBA marrying a non-MBA, then he cannot possess these qualities? 

Should An MBA Marry An MBA Or A Non MBA?

Some people believe that there is a purpose for everyone’s life. I can’t say for sure. But I think it happens more often than not that people fail to find the purpose in their lives. If you are one of them, you might be expecting that your partner might help you find one or if you both already have a purpose (Which is a rare thing by the way), figure out if they intersect at some point in your lives. I believe it is a very important question when you are looking to get married to someone because it is not just about getting married. It is about analyzing its sustainability, which might even give you a peek into the future. Here are some of the qualities that an MBA graduate has.

1. Business Management

At the end of the day, an MBA is taught to manage businesses and solve their problems. In the process, he/she matures through interaction with their peers.

2. Communication Skills

An MBA graduate has excellent communication skills. They are taught to talk to every type of person during their curriculum.

3. Analytical Skills

An MBA graduate has unique analytical skills to identify the issue and find solutions for the same. He also gains information from what he analyzes and further passes it on to the receiver of the information.  

Now you might think that these qualities must be in your life partner. But then does your partner have to be an MBA graduate to possess these qualities?

Should An MBA Marrying Another MBA Ideal Life Partners?

In those two years, they try to gain experience from their colleagues who have had a very different life than they had. A person without an MBA has a different kind of experiences. Sometimes by rising through some of the ranks in the professional world which an MBA sometimes skips. Does it make their experience any less worthy? No, it is just as rich as that of an MBA. It’s just different! The qualities an MBA graduate gains during his curriculum do not make him an eligible life partner from you.

The keywords in the last paragraph are ‘experience’ and ‘professional’. Is a professional experience in a certain domain going to make your future conversations with your partner more fruitful? If yes, then you have the full liberty to put this criterion in your list of hygiene factors that you want your partner to possess. If it isn’t, then does an MBA degree on your partner’s resume matter so much in the long run? Of course, you would want your partner to have professional stability in their life or at least work towards it, no matter which field they have chosen for themselves.

Hence it doesn’t matter which background does your partner belongs to. He can still fulfill the qualities you’re looking for in a life partner. An MBA doesn’t need to marry an MBA when looking for a life partner.


Now going back to the conversations at the beginning of the article, could you figure out which of them was between an MBA-MBA couple? It is practically not possible to point that out because these responses that the partners gave in the conversations weren’t influenced just by their educational qualifications. It is a reflection of a person’s qualities as a human being, not as an MBA, not as an Engineer, not as a cinematographer or a copywriter. Look for the qualities that they possess, when they are stripped off these roles and labels. I hope that now you have the answer to your question, whether an MBA should marry another MBA.

Hey, Wait!

Before you decide, please do not consider just my views. 😉

I wish you a great partner!


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