Why Workshops Are Better Than Coaching Classes?

Workshops-Coaching Classes


It could be explained as a relatively short education platform. It also provides exposure, knowledge, learnings to a group with little Individual focus. The aim is to cover larger areas/ fields of interest. Small batch workshops are more meaningful.

Coaching Classes

These classes are referred to as long-term Knowledge providing the interface. Apart from the group, individual attention is also given. The aim is to cover each topic in detail such that, that everyone understands it.

Workshops Vs Coaching Classes

1. Practical Experiential learning

Workshops tend to provide Practical Experiential learning to individuals which is difficult in the case of coaching classes.

2. Less time-consuming

Small batch workshops are less time consuming and tend to be a more interactive learning experience. It is due to the live interactions with other participants.

3. Team learning

Workshops might encourage learning as a team, where members might get to play certain roles or positions.

4. Learning by observation

Workshops also facilitate learning through observation as one might learn by observing others in the group.

5. Discussion

The aim of organizing workshops and conferences can be the discussion also. Here, highly experienced people not only share their past experiences but also give some tips and suggestions for enhancing your work abilities.

6. Enhance performance

Workshops and journal articles help you to enhance your performance up to a great extent. It enables you to adopt modern strategies and tools for ensuring the success of your project.

With Covid 19 making rounds across the globe, Online Trainings are very common. Do you know How Do Employees View Online Training Program?

7. Continuous improvement

Workshops and conferences ensure continuous improvement in your work by providing continuous education. As compared to professional education which is received in colleges and universities, it is observed that people learn more from these conferences and workshops.

8. Learn new techniques

Research/ Projects are an important part of student life. Whether you are an undergraduate, master or Ph.D. student research allows you to learn many new techniques, how to analyze data and how to present the results in writing and orally.

This means that it is very important for you to present your results to experts and interested people. The right places to present your results or discuss your research are workshops, conferences, seminars, and meetings.

There are many organization and universities which offers many opportunities for students to participate in conferences and meeting. Although some students find conferences and workshop boring but still besides attending social event and recreation activities, the student should take advantage of more conferences and small-batch workshops to explore the world.

Such student research targeted conferences and seminars motivates the student to do research and to provide them with unique opportunities for networking as well as development.

In the long run,  I believe that such programs are beneficial for individuals to develop their careers in their respective fields.

By attending such programs one can gain many valuable experiences and can open new adventures in your research.

Besides presenting research result most of the National and International conferences helps oneself to develop leadership skills.

It also helps to connect with other students around the world. Most of the conference organizer invites the researcher and students from around the world to submit papers for the conferences.

For example

In my under graduation, I had attended a Conference organized by DFDO India in association with Sophia College for Women, on Psychological Interventions and advantages in Armed Forces.

It not only helped us enrich our knowledge about the working style, lifestyle, hardships of the armed forces but how we as Psychology students could apply our skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques in the particular field.

It also exposed us to the latest technological advancements in the field of armed forces and the help of Psychological interventions that help them to enrich that experience.

Some of us also presented Research papers in the able guidance and effective leadership of our esteemed professor Ms. Lobo. Wouldn’t you like to know about How To Grow An Effective Leader?

When one is applying for a particular conference or a workshop, he/she can get the detailed information about the program’s application procedure, participant requirement and funding in the conference home page and should apply for it accordingly. It should be tried out to experience for sure.


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