Soft Skills

Soft Skills-Trainer-Pune

Expertise: Soft Skills

Experience: 4+ Years

She is a Professional Speaker, Soft-skills and Behavioral and Communication trainer and Facilitator. A renowned orator, Personality Integrator and a Communication Mastery trainer who has been training candidates in business communication skills and effective communication for adults for the last 4 years .She is a gold medalist and has a strong background of MA and M. Phil in English Language and Literature and also holds a degree in psychological studies.

As an acclaimed poet, her works have been published in national and international journals. She has also been invited as delegate to various international art and literature festivals along with noted authors and poets across the globe. Besides that she holds interest in editing, translating and acting.

As an orator, she has won more than 300 awards and is passionate in training people for the same. She has conducted various public speaking workshops for students and adults.

As a passionate trainer, she has trained more than 2000 students and employees in the areas of soft skills, behavioral, and communication mastery across sectors. Her facilitation and training includes a deep understanding of human psyche and behavioral integration.

Driven by the strive for life, she wishes to touch lives in the most meaningful way and make an impact on them. A determined trainer who possesses unquenchable thirst to learn and deliver. A skilled communicator who holds utmost passion and determination to serve candidates’ specialized and changing needs and facilitate veiled potentials in them.