Soft Skills


Expertise: Soft Skills

Experience: 20+ Years

He carries around two decades of professional work experience in teaching, training, consulting and research. Currently he is associated with a leading business school as Faculty In charge, where his role is to create a context for learning, academic administration, train and coach faculty, students, corporate employees, design and validate curriculum with corporate support and teach subjects in the areas of Marketing, Branding, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Strategy. He is currently pursuing his PhD studies in area of Relationship Marketing.

Over the period of last five years, he has attended 12 Management Development /Faculty development programs (each of six days) from  nearly all leading Indian Institute of Management ( IIMs) of India. Modules covered in the programs   were Crafting and Executing Business Strategy, Strategic Change and Transformation from Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Mergers/Acquisitions. 

Attending these intellectually stimulating programs not only gave him a robust exposure to well researched contemporary knowledge from IIM Faculty, but also exposed him to the “IIM Way” of conducting Management Development Programs. 

He was actively associated with Junior Chamber International (JCI) (an international federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs) as a Zone Director Training for Zone 7, for Gujarat. As a Zone Director his role was to ideate and deliver training programs across the Zone 7 (Gujarat).  He was also a participant at “the Human process lab in Identification of Role and Identity” conducted by Sumedhas’ Academy of Human Context. The lab instilled a belief in him that Role Making was the only way out for employees to explore their inner, latent, entrepreneurial potential, vis a vis Role taking where the employee bounds himself/herself in the boundaries of allotted tasks and responsibilities.

He was also a participant to a weeklong intervention “Mahabharata Immersion” which was organized by Ritambhara Ashram, Tamil Nadu. The Mahabharata Immersion exposed him to Learning Theater, The “Kothu Enactment” and Experiential learning. Working with purānā-s through theatre and self-reflection was one of the most powerful and effective ways to gain mastery over his hidden potential.

He has a rich training experience and has conducted short and medium term management development programs for corporate firms like Kalpataru Power transmission (Gandhinagar), Abellon Clean energy (Ahmedabad), Flourish Pure foods, Xcleris Labs, ICICI Prudential Life insurance, Redbricks School, A C Neilsen, Mission Pharma, Charusat University, Oakbook Busines School, Indian Jaycees etc…

Over the years, for his training interventions he has cumulatively build expertise in using principles of experiential learning, instructional systems design and in designing and  using innovative management games/experiential activities  with contextual application. This has facilitated driving home complex concepts with ease and finesse, with noticeable long term observable behaviors change in his trainees.

He has trained and coached participants from Middle and Senior Middle Management levels. He has worked extensively in helping young Engineers and professionals without formal management qualifications to be effective ‘First Time managers”. As a Program Lead, he coordinated and trained middle level managers in “One year Corporate Sponsored Part Time Executive Training Program (EPGP) for a leading corporate, having a global presence. He has also conducted many Faculty Development Programs to train and coach Faculty Members/Trainers on Entrepreneurship Development, Effective teaching, Train the Trainer, Principles of Experiential Learning, Adult Learning, Curriculum Design etc.

He loves doing candid photography and travels a lot to collect experiences which are shared in his sessions. He is a Master’s in Management from Gujarat University with marketing specialization (university topper in marketing). His consulting interests include organizational redesign, process effectiveness, market research, qualitative research, and sales team turnarounds. He is an avid case writer and has published articles and case studies in national journals to his intellectual credit.

His expertise is in the conduct and delivery of the following programs:

For Sales Team Members: 

1) Excellence in Sales 

2) Doubling Personal and Professional Productivity 

3) Writing decision oriented Sales Reports 

4) Presentation and Story Telling

For Sales Managers 

1) Excellence in Sales Management

2) Team management and Team Building for Sales

For First Time Managers: 

1) Managing the Transition to becoming a Manager 

2) Competencies of First Time Managers 

For Entrepreneurs of Startups:

1)  Crafting Strategy based on Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy 

2) Crafting Innovative Business Models 

3) Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies

4) Opportunity Sensing and Feasibility Assessments

5) Crafting Business Plans

For Middle and Senior Managers/CEO of Fast Growing Medium Scale Companies

1) Developing Intrapreneurial Cultures in Organisations_ Corporate Entrepreneurship 

2) Chasing Growth Chasms _ Preparing and Achieving Next Level of Growth 

For Students

1) Preparing for Corporate Warfare

2) Managing Corporate Expectations 

3) Soft Skills

4) Campus to Corporate

For Fresher Trainers 

1) Train the Trainer Program for increasing Professional Effectiveness in Curriculum Design and Delivery 

2) Personal Branding through effective use of Social Media 

3) Training Need Identification and Training Need Analyses 

For Experienced Trainers

1) Experiential Learning for Training Effectiveness

2) Training Games and Activities for Trainers 

3) Using case method as a tool for Training Delivery