Sunday, March 7, 2021

Expertise: Soft Skills/ Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Experience: 11 Years

She is a trainer who believes in transforming people’s lives to make a difference. She is a proponent of ingraining value based learning through storytelling which acts as a huge effective medium in her sessions. Being an Interior Designer and an artist, her eye for detail helps her chalk out creative ways of designing training programs to appeal to different age groups with an impact.

Her programs on Etiquette, Goal setting, self-belief, life skills, and values etc are designed to put the participants on a journey of self-discovery, break self-imposed barriers and help them overcome all odds and challenges. Interpersonal skills conjoint with a flawless command over diction makes her a sought-after trainer. With a Master Diploma in Training & Development & an NLP certification, she is currently focused on delivering high impact training for corporate and educational institutions. She has experience of training people from different walks of life.


Across her programs, she comes out strongly as a passionate storyteller who believes in its therapeutic powers as a medium to reach the human minds better than most other channels. She can effectively drive home such deep-rooted meaningful ideologies with rare simplicity and communication for quick assimilation by the audience.