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When we hear the words ‘Corporate training’, we think of production-related training. We think of learning product basics, new technology, newer coding language, etc. Yes, these skills are essential and need training. But besides these skills, we need soft skills as well. Sometimes organizations compromise the training on soft skills for other parts. They get mislead and ignore the benefits of soft skills training.

But wait. If you are reading this blog, that means you know that soft skills are essential. You might be in a dilemma whether you need training or not. You probably would be thinking about how will these sessions going to help your company. So, let’s discuss the benefits of soft skills training here.

Chirag was a startup consultant associated with various potential entrepreneurs. He used to organize all kinds of legal, financial supports and provide his valuable advice for startups. At the start of 2020, he surveyed with four companies on how training on soft skills had benefitted them.

Umm, that’s interesting, isn’t it? Let’s get a bit more details of the survey.

Building a more robust team bond

Ramith was the founder of an automobile parts manufacturing company. The company was five years old. Ramith had extensively emphasized soft skills training for its employees. So, for Chirag, he was an ideal person to know the benefits of soft skills training.

After all, Ramith was the founder and CEO of one of the prominent startups in India.

During the survey, Ramith mentioned how he focused on soft skills training. After working on the idea of startup for the initial few months, he was able to find an angel investor. He soon established a factory set up in Gurgaon. He started hiring employees with a different culture, different qualifications to get diversified views on topics. The idea was good as various groups of people demanded different qualities in automotive parts. But, diverse backgrounds of employees brought their challenges for Ramith. The employees were not gelling up nicely.

It was a challenging situation for Ramith, wasn’t it?

That is when Ramith got in touch with Chirag. Chirag immediately suggested Ramith arrange for soft skills training. Chirag explained the benefits of soft skills training. One of the prominent benefits was team building. Ramith was keen to implement that. The training consisted of various team-building activities and games that required cross-domain people to work together.

After the training, the employees became a cohesive unit. They built more trust between themselves. They were more optimistic about facing a new challenge as a team.

Alas! Ramith was able to tackle the issue of cross-domain & cross-culture team formation.

Improve customer service

Sanjana was heading the customer acquisition and retention department in an IT service startup. She had a team of IT experts. They used to create a pilot product and used it to sell it to the client. Sanjana and her team managed to acquire many clients in the initial days. The company’s employees created excellent products and matched the commitments given by the sales team. Despite such an effort, the company failed to retain many of these customers.

After all, retaining customers isn’t just delivering the project on time!

When Sanjana discussed the issue with its customers, she found the problem. There was a lack of proper communication between the company employees and clients.

And guess what, she immediately identified the action.

Sanjana was well aware of the benefits of soft skills training. She got in touch with the top management and organized soft skills training. The training helped the employees to be better equipped to identify the client issues. The team understood the client’s needs and help them to solve those. They started asking targeted questions to clients and understood the problem. This gave a significant boost to customer satisfaction and retention by the company.

More self-confidence, less stress

Arun and Bhargavi started their venture after completing Engineering. Being fresh graduates with a new idea, they struggled to find an angel investor. After struggling for months, their confidence was in the doldrums. Every passing day was adding to their stress. They were about to give up.

Yeah, you cannot walk the smallest step if you are not confident!

That is when Chirag told them the benefits of soft skills training. Arun and Bhargavi spent the next few days in getting corporate soft skills training. With techniques to tackle challenges, their self-confidence and self-esteem got an upward hike. They started considering every failure and every mistake as a learning curve. With the walk-in confidence, they revisited the angel investor. Finally, they convinced an angel investor- Ishwar to invest in their company.

Improve Employee Retention

Softwell Technologies appointed Gurpreet as the head of the Human Resource Department. The company was facing the problem of high attrition rate. This rate was the biggest challenge in front of Gurpreet. The company was paying above the industry average. The company also provided a basket of benefits to employees.

But, extra salary and perks were not able to stop the attrition rate!

Gurpreet read the documents related to exit interviews of employees. She found out issues like extra-burdens, less supportive team, lack of confidence to solve problems dominated this document. She analyzed the situation and presented the case to the CEO and board of directors. In that long meeting, she also explained the benefits of soft skills training and how it can tackle the problem of attrition.

She convinced the board of directors to make it mandatory to undergo stages of soft skills training. An employee had to undergo training for 1 or 2 days every six months.

And guess what, this idea worked wonders!

The change in policy had direct impacts on the attrition rate—the rate of reduced by 35% in the next two years. Oh, do you wish to know How To Control the Attrition Rate?

So, there were many benefits of skills training. If you are serious about employees and the organization’s growth, get the training in place.

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