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We believe in quality education but affordable. We aim to make everyone skilled and employable.

We provide recorded live sessions where a learner can actually feel the live atmosphere. A recorded live session is more interactive and lively in nature.

We also give you an option to opt for Recorded Live Session with a Doubt session so that you may have 1 to 1 query with the trainer.

You can choose any option:

  1. Live Sessions (Group) or (Individual) – Please speak to us separately for 1 to 1 session. 1 to 1 can take less time but will be provided a little higher cost.                                                                                                                                          
  2. Recorded Sessions (Self-paced Learning) – Content is same as Live. Here, we record sessions for you. Recordings are very simple to use. Trainer shares the screen and records for you so that you watch the same thing on your system while learning. Duration: We keep the duration level as per the course. Many companies focus on longer duration but as per psychologist and researchers, we do not want long hours while learning online and hence, focus should be relevant content. Companies take different datasets to show same concept just to increase duration. They also put 2 professors talking with each other which has no relevance to content. We at Edu4Sure provide some tutorials/ blogs for theoretical aspect and focus on industry or job related assignments and save a lot of time of learners. It is better to update the content rather increasing duration by using irrelevant content.                                            
  3. Recorded Sessions + 1 to 1 Doubt Sessions – We have an option that if you choose recorded sessions (Self-paced Learning), you can take doubt session by paying extra later. In our experience, None of the learner has taken a doubt session because all videos are very much comprehensive and learners easily learn it by watching it. Moreover, you can watch videos any number of time. There is No limit. Watch, practice, Implement & Get Assessment & Certificate under same cost. There is no extra fee for re-assessment/ certificate. 

To check more details of Live Sessions, you can refer Certificate Courses or e-Mail at partner@edu4sure.com / call at +91-95.5511.5533

For group booking of more than 5 people, we have a special discount.

Try our courses, get skilled and employable!

S. No.Courses we provide in B2C
(Where consumer buys directly)
Recorded SessionsNo. of Lectures/ HoursPractice Assignments/
Projects to DIY
1Advanced Python50006 HoursYesYes
2Advanced SQL30008 HoursYesYes
3Basic Excel100022YesYes
4Basic To Intermediate SQL25005.5 HoursYesYes
5Business Communication25008 HoursYesYes
6Complete Excel (365 Version)2800116YesYes
7Data Cleaning3502 HoursYesYes
8Data Preprocessing & Analysis In Python50005 HoursYesYes
9Data Science (Python)15000300YesYes
10Digital Marketing15000200YesYes
11Email Marketing150029YesYes
12Excel Dashboard75014YesYes
13Excel Formulas40021YesYes
14Finance For Non Finance150035YesYes
15Google AdSense50010YesYes
16Google Spreadsheets & Forms25014YesYes
17HR Analytics Using Excel200051YesYes
18HR Analytics Using Power BI200057YesYes
19Intermediate to Advanced Excel200095YesYes
20Microsoft Data Analysis Expressions – DAX200042YesYes
21Microsoft Power BI200050YesYes
22MS Word 365100037YesYes
23PowerPoint11002 HoursYesYes
24Python For Beginners500012 HoursYesYes
25Six Sigma Green Belt For HR200027YesYes
26Six Sigma Green Belt For Finance200032YesYes
27Six Sigma Green Belt For Operations & Sales/ Marketing200029YesYes
28Six Sigma Yellow Belt120034YesYes
29Tableau20003 HoursYesYes
30VBA10002 HoursYesYes
32WordPress Web Development600065YesYes