Steps To Address PoSH: How To Do It Rightly?


Do you know that two of three women say they have been subjected to sexual harassment at work?

Do you believe that entertaining this habit is healthy? Isn’t that wrong?

Addressing issues like sexual harassment has become a must and must be done through the organization’s legitimate channels.

The act was passed in 2013, and since then, decisive steps have been put in place to protect women’s interests.

Companies must also file an annual PoSH compliance report under the PoSH act. This ensures that no criminal or objectionable behaviour takes place at work.

Are you eager to be PoSH compliant? Here’s a quick guide on how to accomplish it.

Steps to Address PoSH

1. Form an internal complaints committee to address PoSH

The first step in ensuring that PoSH is properly implemented and applied is to organize an internal committee to handle complaints of sexual harassment.

An ICC with ten or more employees must be established to comply with the act’s requirements. Keep an external ICC member and 50% of the committee with female employees, with the women serving as chairman, to make the strategy more robust.

The committee members must be entirely aware of the act’s rules; if they are not, a proper training program must be used to provide experience and effectiveness.

2. Drive training program

An ICC must be staffed with people who have the necessary experience and strength to act wisely based on the law. To strengthen the committee or channel, sufficient training must be provided to each department of the organization, from the top to the lowest.

Employees should also be instructed to be aware of the repercussions and consequences of non-compliance.

The measure would clearly state and encourage appropriate behaviour and inform employees about how they should interact with female coworkers in a professional code of conduct.

3. Having a clear policy on sexual harassment

Every organization is expected to work on a PoSH policy with specific specifications. The policy should address topics including workplace harassment, a clear explanation of ambiguous phrases, and detailed information about ICC and its external members. The policy should also include information on how to file a complaint and dos and don’ts for victims and the crime-committing party.

4. Make the policy a condition of employment

Before you hire a new employee, make sure they know the policy and that it is included in their employment contract. This would serve as a note to the staff, instructing them on how to act during working hours.

The employee would be completely informed of the implications of non-compliance with the policy ahead of time and the actions that could be taken against him.

5. Completing and submitting the annual report

Section 21 of the PoSH requires all organizations to file an annual report with the district office. This report must provide a summary of all complaints addressed by the ICC during the year and the status of the investigation.

Non-compliance might result in a Rs. 5,000 fine, which could be doubled if the offence is repeated. If there is non-compliance, the license might be revoked.

Final Words

PoSH is not merely a formality but a significant responsibility that enterprises must adhere to and respond to appropriately. It establishes a behavioural code of conduct for women to ensure a safe working environment. Following a systematic approach will ensure that your company is PoSH compliant.

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