Enhancing Your Memory With 5 Easy Steps


Memory is the ability to remember things and recall them. It is an important function of the brain. Memory is important for students. Every student wants a good and sharp memory but how to improve memory and concentration while studying?

A child has a strong memory than an adult. Our moms feed us with almonds as they are known to increase memory. Badaam khaaya kar dimaag tez hoga. A student with good memory and the ability to remember what he/she has studied at the proper time excel in their studies.

They know what they have learned and can produce on time. Student which finds it difficult to remember and learn thongs because of not so strong memorizing power will always lack in the studies.

So, memory makes students. You can remember, so you can pass any exams.  IIT-JEE, being the toughest exam at the undergraduate level, is undoubtedly the most sought after the exam. Students with better memorizing power and retention skills tend to perform better at it and thus, stand a chance to get selected being quite at par with others.

Everyone wants to be like them. Everyone wants to be that one ”Ranchhoddas Chanchad”. It is said that we store past events in our long term memory (called episodic or semantic) memory.

Best Tricks on how to improve memory and concentration while studying

1. Evading stress

Stress or anxiety is a major cause of draining the brain. It reduces the concentration level causing the person to lose focus and thus, his calm. It makes it difficult for the students trying to remember different detailed concepts and formulae for the exams. Stress is also the major cause of headaches in children, especially during exams.

2. Visualization and Imagination

Mugging up the entire method can never be as useful as understanding the concepts. It helps in easier learning of the topics. Approaching a question often becomes a tedious task.

It becomes easier if we try to create a physical picture of the problem in mind. This helps in understanding how a question must be dealt with. Understanding will benefit you in the long run as you are in a position to deal with any type of question.

3. Reiteration

Understanding the concepts is not just about it. For building up to memory, this method seems to be extremely effective. Even after properly understanding the concept, people tend to gradually forget it as memory is quite restricted.

The recent concepts are more evident in our minds than the ones learned a long time back. Therefore, revising the old concepts after a specific time interval is important. Revision at regular intervals will reveal you about your memory power and if deficit can be worked upon.

4. Breaking into parts

Remembering a problem as a combination of smaller problems is good practice. Smaller problems require simpler concepts to solve the problem. This makes it easier to understand the problem as a whole. It also helps in the better absorption of the concepts. This creates a long-lasting memory.

5. The method of loci

This time-honored method is also known as the “memory palace”. It is an act of attaching the new information to the previously known facts and building up the new concepts upon them.

In this way, you learn from the old methods by applying your brain and innovating. This helps you stay connected with the concepts. This method has helped many of the students to develop a strong memory. This helped them ace the JEE.

Apart from the 5 steps mentioned above, we also emphasize to have a healthy diet.

Healthy diet

One basic way to enhance memory power and keep your brain fit is by having a healthy meal. A proper meal is fuel to your brain. If you are undernourished your brain will be weak and will not have the capacity to remember things. A balanced diet is very important. No steps can work until your brain is healthy.

Make sure you have a sharp memory and most importantly if you still a student. You still have the time to enhance your memory. No matter how well you prepare, if you cannot recall what you have learned at the proper time of the examination it’s of no use.

It shows a deficit in the storage power of you. If you are planning to give the IIT-JEE, then make sure you have a strong memory. Follow the above steps and try to use the techniques of learning in your daily lives. It will improve your retention power and will give you success in the JEE.

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