11 Strategies to Get Your First 1000 Followers on ‘Twitter & Facebook’


You must be familiar with Facebook and Twitter and now you have set up your page. You must have plans to get more followers for your Facebook and Twitter account and become a sensation already.

Now when your plan has taken off to the sky, tell me what would be the most encouraging signs for you to keep you moving? I can bet that most of you would say that it is gaining more and more Facebook and Twitter followers, isn’t it?

These are the most famous social networking sites and you want to be the most famous person on these. But is growing our Facebook and Twitter account from dozens to hundreds followers, really possible in a short period? You have to be careful, both for the confidence of the social media management and for the content you post. There are several tips you could try, to grow your followers, out of which some of the useful tips are summed up in just 11 strategies here.

These will truly help you gain your first 1,000 followers very soon. I am giving you 6 strategies for application on ‘Twitter’ and 5 strategies for ‘Facebook’ respectively. So read on.

6 Strategies for getting ‘First 1,000 Followers’ On Twitter

Strategy 1: Complete your profile in all respects

What all is required to be filled out? Don’t worry, just read the explanation below:

  • You should fill up all your details in your profile that too in a creative way. This means you have to give your introduction by using such a creative language that the viewer gets an eagerness to view your profile completely.
  • Writing an eye-catching bio with some awesome keywords would be a great idea to start up. You can also attach your URL and your location URL as well so that followers can track you.
  • Add a profile photo that looks decent enough and your cover page should also contain something attractive and worth viewing.
  • You can optimize your twitter profile by using the ‘Pinned Tweet’ feature of your account. This shows what your Twitter profile is all about and shows a social proof, i.e. one with a lot of favorites or retweets.

Strategy 2: Give links with Your Profile

What type of links? Read as below:

After setting up your account and filling all the important details, it is time to beat a drum and tell all your friends that you are on Twitter now. With this step, at least your friends will start following you.

  • Whatever your work is, give the link of that work digitally on your Twitter page. This will help your viewers to know about your work and may attract them to become your followers.
  • You can also provide the link to your Twitter page in your recent published items. For example: If you have posted your blog or about any other work experience on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. then provide a link of your Twitter account on every such social networking site.

 Are you excited to know one of the simplest tricks to get the first 1000 followers on Twitter? Then give a quick read to the next tip:

Strategy 3: Embrace a follow button on your website

  • Twitter gives you four connecting buttons to connect to your visitors on Twitter. These are: ‘Share a link’, ‘Follow’, ‘Hashtag’, ‘Mention.’
  • The ‘Follow button’ proves to be a great tool in gaining more and more followers. Place this button on the most popular area of your website or blog. 

What next?

Strategy 4: Follow others to get followed

This is one of the best strategies people usually use when they are new on Twitter. It has now almost become a universal truth that if you follow an account on Twitter, they will follow you back in.

  • You can alter the information you want to see on Twitter. You can, therefore, view a list of people whom you can follow.
  • Once you view the list, you can follow people who have a huge number of followers. This will ensure you get your first 1000 followers.
  • A person you will follow would love to view your profile and hence follow you too. Not only this, but all his/her followers would also like to view what the second person has liked about your page.
  • Therefore, you start connecting with as many people as you can, but don’t forget to be relevant while choosing your following accounts.
  • You can also optimize the list of people on your Twitter account by heading for ‘Recent Activities’ as well.
  • Later, you can unfollow any account that hasn’t followed you back. 

Strategy 5: Use of Hashtags (#) should be kept pertinent and limited

Using popular hashtags increases your probability that a good amount of people will search for you. For instance, if you make use of the popular hashtag: #Digital Marketing, therefore everyone who is searching for DM will be shown your blog or website as well. This is not just true for Twitter but also Facebook to get more followers.

  • But do not do the mistake of using hashtags that are not relevant to your content. You should first find the potential reach of your hashtag and then use them.
  • Moreover, hashtags are not meant to storm the brain of the reader, so they should be used in a limit.

 Next, I have a kicker for you. Just try to imply the next strategy.

Strategy 6: Join a Twitter Chat & Add Value to it

Another strategy is that you can get yourself enrolled with the Twitter chat and contribute value. How will you do that? Below is the list of some of them for your help:

  • There is an option for you on Twitter, to find chats that are currently happening or will take place shortly.
  • You can also find famous chats on Twitter. This will help you to know which chat you should join to increase your followers.
  • After joining a chat on Twitter, the next step you can put forward is to add valuable content or relevant posts on your account as well as contribute good discussions in the chats you have joined.
  • This will give a kick in the number of followers on your page.

Now let’s discuss the 5 strategies for increasing your followers on Facebook. We all love Facebook as a perfect medium to stay connected to our family and friends. But how can we increase our followers is a big question.

So read the content given below to get the answers.

5 Strategies for Getting 1,000 Fans on ‘Facebook’

Strategy 1: You should thoroughly fill your homepage on Facebook

The first things that your followers will see are whether your Facebook page is filled or not, because if you do not have minutes to spend on Facebook completing your profile then why will they waste seconds liking your page.

Oh, just in case you are lost with hundreds of tips and tricks on the internet to make sales, attracts ads, generate revenue, and other marketing hacks, we can help you with our blog – How To Use Facebook Page As A Marketing Tool?


  • Your profile is the first impression of yours on your fans; it is here only that they will get to know more about you in detail. You should fill About section, URL, Profile picture & cover photo, Address, Long description and your aim for life.
  • You can give your email address and Twitter link as well.

Strategy 2: Invite a huge number of friends from ‘People you may know’ to get more Twitter and Facebook Followers

  • Start inviting your friends to like your page. You decide to send your invite to only those whom you felt will be most interested in you as well.
  • You can easily get lionized among your circle by using this strategy. Once you hit the 25-fan threshold, you can then claim a vanity URL for your page (e.g., facebook.com/yourbrandname), which will look more appealing when you share the URL in later steps. 

Strategy 3: Provide links of your Facebook account on other pages

  • Tweet your Facebook page URL to your followers on Twitter.
  • You can share the links of your recent posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This will create a pathway for your viewers to know about your work and interests them to become your followers.
  • In the above mentioned ways, create an awareness campaign about your page.

You can learn more about How To Create A Facebook Campaign? here.

Strategy 4: Complement your work with the Facebook button

Now, what does this mean?

  • You can add any widgets or buttons provided by Facebook, to your website. Given below is the list of their social plugins: Like button for the web, iOS, and Android, Share button, Send button, Follow button, Comments, Activity Feed, like the box, etc.

Are you looking forward to increasing your fans list further?

  • The Like button and the Like box will prove to be your best friends in this process! For the Like button, enter your Facebook page URL, and edit the Like button to show people’s faces, specific wording, and more.
  • The box will take up a bit more space on your site, but you get the added value of your Facebook profile picture appearing in the box.

Strategy 5: Give ample time to your Facebook account

If you choose the path of getting your fans organically, you have to spend some time online. With the introduction of Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm and the sheer mass of users, paying a bit for prolonged reach and enhancement can help. Try to imply the below points:

  • Advertise your work amongst people who your niche interests. Spend some time on Facebook to interact with the people who liked your advertisement.
  • People who have visited your website or blog may return and follow your work or post. So keep your Facebook page updated and advertise your work again at regular intervals of time.

I hope you have well understood the explanation of all the strategies discussed in this blog. And now it’s time for you to imply them. ‘Nothing can be achieved without the will and wish of a person.’ So if you want to get your first 1000 followers on Twitter and Facebook then spend some time online and use these 11 strategies to achieve what you want.

You should also share some of these strategies with your friends by writing something in the comment box below.

Since, you are here to ead about gaining more twitter and facebook followers, you can also look for strategies to get +1000 Followers On Pinterest and Google+.

Wish you luck and optimism for your work.



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