Strategies To Score Above 90% In 12th Board


Class 12th is the end of your school life, these are the last exams of school time. After the exams, you will go out and pursue some higher education that will match your career prospects. But marks of the class 12th decide a great deal in choosing your colleges and entrance exams for them because most colleges take a minimum of 60-65% in the 12th board as their selection criteria. So it becomes very essential to score good marks in 12th boards.

That’s why this exam holds great importance in student life as it is a deciding factor for the upcoming college life after 12th board results. So, we need to prepare well and in such a way that we can score high in these exams. Here are a few tips for the preparation of the 12th board exams.

Tips for Science students


  • Try to learn the fundamental concepts of the subject to score good marks in 12th.
  • Physics mainly contains direct formulae- and theorem-based questions. Therefore, revise them thoroughly to solve questions accurately.
  • Try and solve at least 5-10 numerical problems daily.
  • Some of the topics like Semiconductors, Light Optics, Waves Optics, and Thermodynamics are relative, which are more based on theory and direct formula. Preparing these well will fetch you some easy marks.


  • To score good marks in the 12th, chemistry is very important because it is a high-scoring subject.
  • Study the reactions and learn them properly. Clear the entire concept because questions are never direct they are asked based on the concept.
  • The questions on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry can be attempted before others as these are fact-based and can be solved very easily and quickly. This will boost your confidence and give sufficient time for the rest of the paper.
  • Thoroughly study the name reactions in Organic Chemistry, along with examples, as these are extremely important as for the exam point of view.


  • There are a lot of diagrams in Biology. You need to practice them properly to score well.
  • There is a lot of terminologies that are quite different from the normal one you need to learn them properly because spellings also matter here. Write to them again and again so that you can learn them properly.
  • This subject is mostly theory so learn the definitions properly also keeps the concepts in mind. These concepts will help you score marks on the 12th.


  • This is the highest scoring subject, many students bag down a cent in this one.
  • If your concepts are clear you can achieve well in mathematics.
  • Make a list of the important formulas and tables and memorize them properly.
  • Go through unit wise and finish one by one. So that everything is finished on time.
  • The practice is the key to success in Mathematics as calculations are lengthy and time-consuming. Practice helps you in maintaining speed with accuracy.
  • Avoid silly mistakes also and subtraction which just make the whole question wrong.
  • Learn common square roots, cube roots and table up to 20, this will increase your calculation speed. These tips can help you score high marks in 12th.

Tips for Commerce Students


  • Accountancy is all about basics and calculations. Work on your basics and try to build a strong concept. Clarity of basic concepts helps you score marks on the 12th.
  • The next step is to practice. Solve as many problems as possible. Get hold of previous years’ papers and solve them so that you can have the idea of the trends of questions.
  • Show calculations properly, with sufficient explanations and narrations.
  • Learn the various formats of different types of statements of accounts. Draw formats neatly using pencil and scale.
  • The subject includes step by step marking, so even if you are unable to complete or solve an entire question, attempt it, some marks will be awarded to you for it.


  • Focus on different terms, definitions, and key concepts involved in the subject.
  • Economics has both numerical and theoretical parts. There are lots of diagrams in it, try to practice as much as you can because the right labeling is mandatory in Economics.
  • Prepare your handy notes and revise them at regular intervals.

Tips for Humanities students


  • The only thing that can help in History is reading, memorizing, and remembering the important dates, events, places, names, and periods of the different historical occurrences. It is the only way to score marks in this subject during the 12th boards.
  • Make a timeline of the events and write related important information below them and make handy notes. Try to make a pictorial representation of the occurrences, this not only helps in making the easy notes but also helps in memorizing them.
  • Keep revising your notes regularly; it helps in retaining the information.
  • Watch TV shows, search on the internet or watch movies, make your study a bit interesting this creates a sense of interest for your subject and you also collect some unconventional data which is not given in the books.

Political Science

  • Focus on the world political scenario carefully, keep an eye on the important occurrences.
  • Read newspapers daily, this helps in getting proper information about the events in a sequence.
  • Try to make your own opinion about the events that are happening and how they will influence the Indian political environment. Starting this seems a bit difficult, take the help of your teachers and elders.
  • Keep yourself updated with the current affairs, both national and international.


  • Firstly, thoroughly study your textbooks and for more concept development refer to some good reference books.
  • Try to develop a good knowledge of the different social concepts.
  • Get yourself acquainted with the RTI act, a very important topic.
  • Spend a great deal of time on knowing the definitions from eminent sociologists around the world to make your answers good and impressive.

General Tips

General Tips – 1

  • Systematically cover the syllabus. From the start try to know the syllabus properly and attend all the classes this will help you in the understanding of topics and there will be regularity in studies.
  • Whatever is done in the class try to revise it daily as it is fresh and it will remain in your brain for a long time, also you will know if you have understood the topic or not and you can clear the doubts the next day with your teachers.
  • Try to solve questions for every topic after you finish it. Wherever there is even slightest of difficulty just ask your teachers for help.
  • Maintain different notebooks for each subject so that whenever you see something important write it down in your notebook. This will help you a lot in exam time when you will have precise notes for everything, and revision will be a lot easier.
  • In your textbooks highlight the important points and formulae so that you can locate them easily later.
  • Prepare a timetable for your board exam preparation so that you can give sufficient time for each subject. A good timetable will help you score better marks in 12th
  • Choose the time of studies as per your convenience, whether early in the morning daytime or at night. Make sure to take proper breaks and engage in activities like sports or yoga to tackle exam stress.

General Tips – 2

  • Try to solve previous years question papers and practice books as much as possible.
  • From the previous year question papers make out the trends going on in the question papers and which questions were asked frequently.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Polish strengths and improve your weakness with the guidance of your parents and teachers.
  • Do not start with new topics just before the exams, you may get confused with new concepts.
  • Take out proper time for the revision; it builds up the confidence that you have covered all the topics.
  • Take the proper diet and eat healthily, keep yourself healthy, and sleep at least for 6 hours a day.
  • Do not stress or get nervous, have patience, and keep on practicing. It is very important to stay calm to score good marks in 12th exams.
  • Reach the examination hall early and check you have all the essentials like admit card, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Be calm and composed, check your pockets carefully, so that you aren’t carrying anything related to unfair means.
  • Read the question paper carefully mentally make a rough draft which questions you know properly and which are a bit difficult for you.
  • Attempt the easier ones then try to do the others. Even if you are stuck on a question try to move on the others and come back to it later, when you have finished the others.
  • Be careful and don’t make silly mistakes. Misinterpretation can lead to blunders in the answer sheet.
  • Use proper spaces between two questions, use clear handwriting focus a bit on your presentation skills.
  • Before handing over the sheet revise it properly and check for numberings if they are right.

All the best for your board exams!



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