Secrets Of Successful Content Marketing


We live in a content-driven world. The right content can end up making a mere chaiwala the Prime Minister of India. The hashtag #abkibaarmodisarkar  went so far that it ended up on every Indian’s daily vocab. Content marketing is quite new and widely adopted as it has visibly shown an increase in business growth. The depths of content marketing are yet to be fully explored, hence there are many content marketing secrets untapped. So you are in the right place as we are going to unravel some of the mysteries of content marketing.

Are you ready?

Let’s discuss the content marketing secrets

1. Cater to your audience

The knowledge of the type of customers you cater to is very helpful. If your content answers their questions or suits their needs, the traffic on your business link shoots up. The conversion rates also depend on traffic. Impress and gain the trust of your consumers, everything else unfolds by itself.

You should interact with them on a more personal level by including surveys and quizzes and try to gain an upper hand by extracting their age and preferences. If your audience is divided into different groups, you should create a segmented content strategy. Create correct keywords too according to what your potential audience is bound to search.

Developing a bond is just not about creating good content but also engagement from the company’s side. If the response is quick to queries which gives the customer an idea that you care. Keep a 24/7 live help on the page itself.

2. Spread your content on all platforms

Now that you know your audience you must know where your targets spend the most time. Posting on just one platform is disastrous. Want to know, why?

Let’s take an example, you are a company that targets nutrition conscious people. Such an audience is mostly crowded on Pinterest (mainly for how-to’s and motivation) and Snapchat as they keep posting the story of their workout session. If you only make content on Facebook you tend to miss out on a large number of leads on other platforms as they never come across your post.

3. Be consistent while using content marketing secrets

If you are not consistent, it goes without saying that you may lose your customers. It is not necessary to post daily but a proper schedule must be followed. The audience should always come back for more and take something away each time.

You must devote time to content marketing with all your heart. Give equal importance to both making the content and sharing it online. If both don’t go hand in hand, it beats the purpose.

4. Visuals make more impact

Include images, gifs, and other visual illustrations to engage the audience’s attention. It is a known fact that people only read what catches their attention in the first three seconds, which is indirectly the first impression is the last impression.

Aren’t 3 seconds too less?

That’s why one must make their page attractive by using soothing colors and font along with various pictures to explain the content. Screenshots and small tutorial videos go a long way as it helps in catching the audience’s attention quickly.

5. Being a storyteller is the most important of all content marketing secrets

Nobody wants boring content and straightforward facts. Weave a story and tie it to the fact and watch your audience forfeit emotionally. You could pick up old customers and urge them to share their stories which you could use in your content.

Potential customers love reading positive feedbacks and that too as a part of a story. Create a conflict enriched story and portray your brand as the superhero that saved their day.

For example, if yours is a product that helps fight acne you could use before and after images along with a special customer story whose life took a U-turn after using your product. It is okay to show off sometimes. 

Now that you have read about the various content marketing secrets, apply it to your business and see the difference.

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Go for it then! All The Best!


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  2. Many people have different ways to Marketing but all are able to keep the secret as a secret without any disclosure that’s the good way of marketing


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