Tableau Course

S. No.ModuleTopic
1Unfold Tableau ConceptuallyIntroduction
  Tableau Features
  How Tableau Has Grown Over The Years?
  Advantages of Tableau
  Disadvantages of Tableau
  Tableau Offerings - 17 Products
  Pick Up The Right Product
  Tableau Desktop OR Tableau Public?
  Download Tableau Desktop
  Tableau Vs Power BI
  Common FAQs
2Tableau InterfaceConnect, Open, Discover
  Sample Workbooks
  Data Connectors in Tableau
3Data Import & ModellingLoad Data - Super Store Data, Interface
  Data Types
  Live OR Extract
4Hands-On With TableauTableau Canvas Interface & Create Your First Visual
  Bar Chart, Color, Size, Labels, Tooltip & Details
  Column Chart, Filters
  Cards/ Slicers
  Map & Conditional Formatting
  Line Chart & Drill Down (Date Hierarchies)
  Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly & Weekly Forecasting
  Export Tableau Worksheet as PowerPoint & PDF
5Dashboards & Story Telling In TableauDashboard
  The Left Panel on the Dashboard
  Filter Clarity
6Let's Do Some CalculationsAverage Order Value
  Assign Sales Manager to Sub-Categories
  Create Index - Index()
  Create First Parameter (Integer) - Top N Dynamic
  Find Top 10 Customers - Reuse The Parameter
  Create Another Parameter (String) - CASE Statement
  Tx Over 10K
  Dual Axis Chart: Are My Top 5 Customers Profitable
  West: East Multiple Tx
  West: East Multiple Sales
  Static Rank Subcategories
  Dynamic Rank
  Compare Item Against Others - Static
  Compare Item Against Others - Dynamic
  Profit Margin Increase: YoY
  Profit Margin Increase: QoQ, MoM
  Customer Retention Rate
7Tableau Capstone ProjectSubmit your TWB file
  Additional Projects in Different Domains
  Bonus Content

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Capstone Project

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