Team: A Work-Oriented Family!


A team isn’t just a group of people working towards the same objective. It’s a little family you have at your job. In other words, a good team is bounded by trust, determination towards goals, good communication, compassion and a sense of responsibility. Therefore, the skill of effective team building in a professional environment is of immense importance. 

The team member and leader relationship play a significant role. It shouldn’t be one of monarchy; it should be over gospel truth and good communication. A good leader should give due importance to team building, through regular team-building activities, as well as by tweaking his leadership style to encourage team building. 

For the best of your team building, stop these right away

1. Monarchy way of decision making

The days of dictatorship are far gone and in present times, everyone demands a certain power. As a leader, you’d make the decision peerless and supreme as good leaders have excellent decision-making skills.

But if you are the one always controlling the tiniest of the choices, it could be a little annoying to your team.

A little paramountcy to your teammates would be no harm. Also, this would give them a good sense of responsibility and help them gain trust in their leader.

2. Neglecting the team

This can lead to a complete disaster with the chances of the project being called off. Ignoring the team members is a big no in team building, and could lead to internal clashes and improper review of work.

Moreover, short term goals can help put up the team together and discussing the little accomplishments over the meeting would give optimism for moving forward.

The team needs to stick together, debate over different solutions to the problem to get the best potential of the team. It’d provide moral support and isn’t that what we all need to keep us working?

3. Falling of participation level

Meeting deadlines is a check report to the level of interest shown by the team-mates. Failing to submit the assignment on time might be an indication of a lack of enthusiasm.

Meetings should have a healthy debate and discussion. Also, the lack of energy and the absence in the meetings is a matter of concern. Today, with active remote workers in the workforce, a leader must have the know- how to improve remote team meetings too. Discussion and debate are serious affairs, but if the meeting is made fun and less like a dictatorship, it’d invite greater contributions from everyone and also help in team building.

4. Conflicts

When there are multiple vessels put together, clashes are bound to happen but the noise must be controlled before it crosses its limits. It’s the leader’s prime duty to ensure there is an unbiased solution to the predicament. 

Who is not hungry for power? But is it all worth? Power could be more expensive than you imagine if you try to achieve it by under the table means. Strategic team building can help you ease out this struggle of power at work. 

Hence, thoughts of jealousy and envy need to be killed at the ground root level and instill a sense of matured responsibility amongst team-mates and leader.

5. Lack of creativity

It’s a matter of concern if the team is not able to come up with fresh ideas and new perspectives about the project’s future. The best team would be the one which could turn even the most unexpected events into some great opportunity!

The best leader is the one who can manage a set of talented and creative team to bring out their best performances constantly. Do you think you own Team Management skills?

But if the work is monotonous and lacks creativity, the project would encounter a shut down much sooner. However, regrouping the team and restructuring the project is an essential component of team building activities. One needs to carry this out from time to time.

Reward your team

Nobody likes all work and no play! Befitting rewards and appreciations are important for team building. A little token of appreciation could do wonders beyond what we could imagine. Hence, a satisfied employee performs remarkably well at the tasks he gets.

A happy team with everyone satisfied makes the working environment sophisticated and surpassing. Timely bonus, thank you note or a little mail appreciating the work is what every team-member craves for.

So, leadership is no piece of cake, are you ready for this wild roller coaster ride??



  1. Working in a team increases the overall performance of employees. It also encourages co-operation among team members and improves job satisfaction. Teamwork helps to increase the understanding of corporate goals and objectives. A good team is surrounded by trust, determination towards goals, communication, and sense of responsibility.

  2. A good read. Most of our jobs involve interacting with others. For that one must have effective teamwork skills. For the attainment of goals the diverse skills of teams are needed.


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