Things To Look For In Today’s Classrooms


Classrooms are second homes of students and teachers. In other words, it is the place of learning. We all are put into a room as we step into a school with many other students. This room comes to be known as a classroom. This classroom is not only a room but a place where students learn.

Each year we move to a higher class, a level up. However, the room remains the same. Same size, same wall color, same benches. Then what is different? Each year when you move up to a higher level the classroom remains the same but the power of the classroom also moves a level up.

Similarly, your studies move a level up, the teacher’s changes, you are expected to be more intelligent, discipline than the previous. Everything changes, so do the essence of the classroom.

Classrooms are a favorite place for every student. So many memories are attached to the classrooms. We make memories of our benches. And tables are the example of our endless sweet memories. We feel safe in our classrooms. Above all, it belongs to us.

So let me ask you a question. What do you want in your classroom? What your classroom should look like.  Not in physical appearances but in the essence. When you enter a classroom what do you feel? Give it a thought if you still have not or you do not understand this question.

You will understand in the coming paragraphs about the above-asked questions clearly.

List of 8 things that students look for in today’s classrooms

1. Sharing knowledge

A classroom is a place of learning. We learn more by sharing. Students must be allowed to air their voices, opinions and share knowledge among the rest. Sharing is Caring.

By voicing their opinions they will overcome their fears of public speaking. They will struggle at the start but this is essential.

2. Choice of learning

Students must be given the choice of learning. What is their area of interest and how will they advance their learning in that particular area. This is helpful for the students. Strength-based learning is essential.

3. Time to understand

Classrooms are a place of learning. Every day you learn something new. Teachers rushed through the curriculum. All this is understood. But we need to understand one more thing.

The thing is students need time to reflect. They need time to understand what has been taught in the classroom.

4. Innovation

Encourage students to come up with innovative ideas. Give them projects and let them explore their innovative side. Create opportunities for innovation. They will come with amazing stuff. It is also a kind of learning.

5. Critical Thinkers

Make students critical thinkers. Do not just let them mug up everything and vomit it out. Let them stress their brains for answers, let them think differently.

The growth of a child is important. We want curious students who ask questions, challenge things all in a respectful way.

6. Problem solvers

Creating problems is easy but solving them is tough. We need students who can solve their problems. Who does not leave a problem until they find the solution to it?

Those are dedicated students. They are eager to find answers to problems rather than running away from the problem.

7. Self–evaluation

We as teachers and parents know our students very well. It’s time that students know themselves well. It’s time for self-assessment. Because students should know their strengths and weaknesses.

Should know their potential and how to put their potential to use. Teachers should teach them how to assess themselves

8. Connected learning

Teachers now use techniques of connected learning. They try to connect things, places, events to teach so that students are able to understand well. This also helps in greater retention.

Connected learning will help the students to connect to things in case they forget. They will learn how to connect things to form one. It is high time we encourage students to quit mugging up and start applying what they learn for better retention!

In conclusion, when I say what you look for in your classrooms, I am referring to these points. These 8 points make a room a classroom of wisdom where students learn and teach each other. These are really important for the success of the students in the future. All these things will eventually help in making our education system more effective.


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