Be The Change You Want to See!


“CHANGE”, some people oppose it, some people fear it, some people implement them in their lives and change the world. This simple term “change” has the power to turn your world upside down. But how does one even think of a change? It is our thoughts and dreams which make us bring a change to ourselves.

Here I am a student of 3rd year, wish I could change my past, my present.

Traits Which Bring a Change

1. Thoughts and Dreams

Thoughts and dreams play an integral part in the lives of youth. Every change that you do is derived from a dream or goal that you wish to achieve. And this thought of change changed my life completely.

A girl, new in the city of Delhi, with high hopes and aspirations, when I came here I thought I was the best, best in my school, popular in town. I came here with my selfie attitude and realized nobody knew me, nobody cared.

My small town was my world there, I was closed in my shell, as I came here I had a  whole real world to face and compete and the key which helped me do that was the word “change”.

I thought everybody in “Delhi” was haughty, selfish and a lot of attitudes to boast about. They just wanted to insult me and I was looked down upon. But soon I realized that amongst those criticizing me, correcting me, few were my well-wishers.

So, instead of opposing the change, I started implementing them for my good, a few of the things which were really for my good and resulted in making me a better person.

I worked on various skills.

2. Awareness

There is a lot of difference between being educated, being literate and being aware.

What I lacked was a skill related to awareness. I was least aware of what was happening in the world, never cared about that stuff. Nor did I read books related to knowledge or biographies of famous people but I was a girl who was a fiction lover very far away from reality. I thought that I need not know those things. I refused to change as everyone does… Don’t judge me on that though.

But soon I realized that I was a misfit for my group and drove me to learn new things. I inculcated the habit of reading newspapers, When I got bored, I watched meaningful movies. Not a bad start !!

This made me more confident and enhanced my personality.

3. Personality and Communication Skills

Working on your personality and networking skills is a never-ending process and alas a very time-consuming process as well ….I agree. But let me tell you a little secret that if you can work on these two skill sets in life, you are never going to lose your battles in life. These are the necessity in today ‘s world and the person who can harness these two skill sets would never fall on the ground and prove to be a successful person.

Most people confuse personality enhancement with dressing up properly and putting up makeup, yes I do not deny it is a subset of your personality but do not confuse it with the personality itself.

So I started working on my personality starting from meeting people every weekend. I would put an extra effort to meet new people every weekend, joined a few clubs and communities. most of the time I observed the behavior of people and kept on noting down positive points about their personality. No, I am not telling you to copy someone else but you could always use those extraordinary skills to your benefit.


Change is the conclusion of our thoughts and dreams.

Everything starts from there. 

So in the symphony of life where I was stuck between the  4th  and 5th stages. I fought and overcame all my fears and complexes. Thoughts and dreams are important to bring a change so begin from there.

So all you girls out there, small town, big town, shy, timid, sophisticated, casual, fat, thin. JUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE.


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