Time Or Money: Choose Wisely

You save time, money will follow you faster!

In my previous article, I talked about Pre-recorded vs Live training and I hope you preferred live training. Today I want to discuss what is more important – Time or Money,  when it is related to your learning and career growth.

The mode of learning has changed with time. Almost no one has the time to sit in a classroom and devote multiple hours for learning a skill.  In a world where time and money are scarce for most of us, we prefer to learn online. We look for specific skills that help us to move forward in our careers.  Whether be it a student or a working professional, when any of us try to learn vital industry-specific skills, almost no one turns to universities to get another degree.  A course on the relevant topic works just fine.

Now, it is not compulsory to pay for a training course at all.  Some settle for self-study.  This is indeed a valid option as there are many resources on the internet that are free. You can watch YouTube, read free eBooks, and work on the concepts all by yourself. If you choose not to get into all that, you can opt for an instructor-led course. An instructor is an experienced professional who can easily guide you through all the new materials and help you to learn effectively. For people who cannot thrive on their own, instructor-led learning is the way to go.

Every direction has its advantages and disadvantages. So, not surprisingly, does these two choices.

This article will try to help you decide on which path to take.

Basic elements that you must consider to decide a learning program

1. Cost

In terms of cost, it is a no-brainer that self-study is cheaper. In comparison, a well-planned training program will likely be expensive. Hiring a well-experienced professional who is excellent teachers will not be cheap. So be ready for that.

2. Time

If you have all the time in the world, self-study should not be a problem for you. It will be difficult and will require a lot of time to completely understand topics that are new to you. To grasp different concepts on your own will be time-consuming as well as frustrating because there will be no one to guide you when you inevitably have problems.

Self-study is beneficial because a student can read books whenever they have free time. They don’t have to make time out on a specific day for studying. This will not be possible in an instructor-led training as there will be rigid time schedules. But self-study will take a lot of time to finish because when you are studying alone, it is much harder to stick to a schedule.

3. Interaction

Think about it.  If you opt to study alone, it will be a completely isolated experience. You will not get to interact with like-minded individuals and all your problems and doubts will be unanswered.

If instead, you opt for an instructor-led course, it will teach you discipline and also give you the chance to interact with people who are learning the same stuff as you are. When you meet such people, you can form study groups and help each other to stay motivated. Furthermore, all your doubts will get answered in real-time by your instructor himself.

4. Learning Proof

Most of us think that if we do any course from a brand like Udemy/Coursera and get a certificate, we are done for the interview. 

I ask you 1 simple question “Will you hire someone with just a certificate and no practical knowledge”?

You got the answer, Right!

A good instructor will always provide you some assignments and practice sheets to work. S/he will assess your work before issuing the certificate. Edu4Sure makes sure that the person has worked on practice sheets/assignments before issuing the certificate. Because once you go for an interview, the recruiter will ask you questions and your only proof of learning is how you answer them.

Getting a certificate helps only if we can answer as well. How will you understand what and how to answer? The only way is to get training from experts who are ready to share their mistakes or give you the experience of learning. Why don’t you check the Current Trainings by Edu4Sure?

All in all, one can conclude that if you want to save time and effort, it is better to stick with instructor-led training. On top of getting to interact with a professional, instant clarification and accurate information is guaranteed in training programs. Experience in a field is worthy of respect. Instructors will have a greater understanding and can advise on recent industry trends. It is something that you can’t get free on the internet.

Are you a corporate professional?

When you are a corporate professional it may seem that you have the requisite willpower and focus to self-study but doing so costs you time. Valuable time that you won’t get back. Some corporate professionals believe that they know everything and for them, it is easy to learn on their own? Usually, it is not so. What an experienced instructor in a particular domain can do, you can not do that in a given time.

Certified courses will cost more only in the short run. If you save time now, you can kick start your career faster, and hence in a way, you save both time and money. On this note, you should check the Certificate Courses at Edu4Sure.

Are you still confused between time or money?

I heard someone whispered “yes”. Nothing to worry. Read the article again.

Those who understand my point, they should not hesitate anymore!  Get registered for an instructor based training program. There are many good ones on the market.

The above article is contributed by Shreya Mitra.

She is a student of economics, currently pursuing her masters from Calcutta University. She loves to read and creates interesting content. As an aspiring content writer, she hopes to become a successful writer in the future.



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