9 Tips For The Title Of Your Blog

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Blogging is one of the best ways to be found online on the web. Most of the Students who’re graduates and Post Graduates have their blog online. Some earn a good amount of money with Blogging. With practice, anyone can become a pro blogger! Blog Title is very important to catch the attention of the readers as well as summarize the content of the blog.

The Best Tips to Write Article 

1) When you Blog, Your Article Title MUST Be In Upper and Lower Case Letters. Make sure that the First Letter of Each Major Word Capitalized.

2) Article Title must be readable and shouldn’t make Awkward with all CAPS.

3) Try not to Capitalize First Word for commonly used words such as   “a” – “the” – “to” – “for” until and unless you want to maintain uniformity.

4) Don’t add any Quotes in Blog Titles.

5) Do not Write Blog Title with Dates.

6) Refrain from excessive punctuation in your Article Title.

7) No HTML Absolutely in Blog Title.

8) Your Article TITLE must begin with the first word flush to the LEFT of the TITLE submission box.

9) Don’t add your Author name in Titles.

These are a few of the finest Ideas to begin Blogging with Article Titles. You will get extra Blogging Tips in other blogs. Improve your blogging technique to get more traffic!



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