Tips For Improving Your 21st Century Study Skills


Studies are a part of every student’s life. We have to study and study and study hard. One cannot escape it.  You as a student must feel tired of studies at times and would feel like ki ye khatam kab hogi. Thus, the 21st century study skills is significant.

Some of them are brilliant in studies, while some are not. Everyone has their style and pattern of studying. Some are night owls, while others are morning birds. Many of them will have weird study patterns. In whichever method, style or way you adapt to study, you should study and that’s all that matters.

We all know that it is crucial to talk about study skills for 21st-century students but how do the students improve their skills? Well, this is something to discuss.

We need to study better but the question is HOW?

Check out these 3 tips for a starting point on how students can improve their 21st-century study skills:


All you need to do is just pick one area and invest a little each day. Don’t think we are asking you to just drop everything and change your entire life. In the long run, you will find it’s worth it. Focus on one skill at a time.

Perfect one area and then move to the next one. In this way, you will perfect each area and will also be able to cover the entire thing. Don’t rush to do all at once, you will end up doing nothing. It is just a waste of time and energy.


Focus on building your intrinsic motivation. We all need a motivator to push ourselves to do something in life and be successful. But students, your parents can’t succeed for you. They will just guide and support you. It’s you who has to work hard and move ahead in life.

It’s you who has to experience the results of your academic success or missed opportunity. If you know what you want your life to count, you have all the opportunities you need in your education.

You need to have that inner drive and motivation to do something in life. Motivate yourself to achieve what you aspire. Read inspiring stories,  motivational books. Look up to the role model that inspires you to become something. You cannot achieve something until and unless you are willing to. No push can make you work if you are not ready to.


What do you mean by academic skills? By academic skills, we mean the actual study skills by yourself. Focus on building your academic skills. How do you learn? What do you learn? What are you doing in class? Find an area to work on and then just do it. When some information hits you in the face, does it stick? Yes of course! So just do it.


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