Joining A New Job? 10 Tips For You

Congratulations for your new job. Have some tips!

Feeling those butterflies in your stomach before joining your new job? Excited? Or anxious? I am here with some tips on starting a new job. 

First of all, congratulations! Moving into a new company is a potpourri of emotions like stress, anxiety, excitement, and many more. And I am sure that you want to put your best foot forward. 

Someone has said it right that the first impressions are long-lasting. So, be it with your boss or colleague or the clients you don’t want to make a wrong move and then spend days rectifying them.

10 Tips on Starting a New Job

1. Plan your departure and arrival

One way to eliminate stress is to plan and get organized. Complete all the procedures with your ex-employer and inform your colleagues that you are moving on. By the time, plan your arrival at your new workplace and take a break between the jobs if possible. A few days off will help you relax and re energize.

2. Get the facts

It is totally fine to ask some questions beforehand. You may connect with your Human Resource representative or your Supervisor depending upon your company. Check about your work schedules, expected work, benefits, social media policy, and other pre-requisites like BYOD (Bring your device), etc.

3. Make a list

Think of the things you need to do before you start working or any appointments you need to schedule ahead of time. Prepare your To-do-list beforehand. An organized approach will help you smoothen the transition.

4. Dress Well

You might be confident with your work-wear but there is no harm in double-checking the dress code with your HR. Moreover, if you look good you will feel good. And, if you feel good, you will do good. So, make sure that you are comfortable enough in whatever you wear in the first few days of joining.

5. Avoid being late

Being late to work at the very beginning will create a negative impression. So, be on time if not earlier. By this, you can also give yourself some extra time by reaching your work early. One easy day will help reduce your stress before starting your new position and give you the positivity to keep going.

6. Listen and learn

Do not presume that you know everything and spend some time to increase your learning curve and be comfortable with your responsibilities. Some of the best bosses I have known have started the first few weeks trying to sublime into the organizational culture. Try to listen to as many suggestions and inputs and learn from everyone you meet. It will help you understand the organization and the work better. Do you need help improving your listening skills

7. Do not pull your rank

Avoid being bossy from the very first day. It may reflect your insecurity about the job. You may be in a senior role but simply offloading your tasks to your team members is a big no. Also, there is no harm in asking for help as it will show your eagerness to nail the task. You must believe in your potential of getting the job done.

8. Be careful of the work etiquettes

People like nice people and it will take you a long way. Be careful of how you introduce yourself to your colleagues and co-workers. Also, certain unsaid formal and informal rules remain constant everywhere you go and must be followed. Do not make any personal jokes or comments. Exhibit high standards of ethics and etiquette at work.

9. Try not to stress too much

Take your new job as the next stepping stone in your career path. Give yourself some time as you will not be able to learn everything at once. Understand that even you are putting in a lot of effort, it will take some time for things to fall in place. If you feel stressed then take a deep breath and collect yourself. Do you want to know more about managing stress?

10. Wait before you talk about an increment

You must have signed a contract before joining your new job. So do not rush into making any changes or asking for an increment of salary so soon. Instead, wait for some time to prove your worth to the organization to justify your demand.

I can add more but I would like to stop here. 10 tips on starting a new job are more than enough. 

Remember that the new job jitters that you might be facing at the moment are normal. I would like to conclude by saying that keep these tips in your mind and take your time to be comfortable in the new space. Do let me know if the tips were helpful.

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    Good for, first time job switchers because they forget these points in the excitement of new job…

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