Top 10 Qualities Of My College (BIMTECH)


As the college name says BIMTECH, this college has a value, culture of the Birla family. BIMTECH is famous for its PGDM program. It is situated in a beautiful place of greater Noida, up.

Top qualities of BIMTECH which other colleges should have it

1. Cooperative faculty members

 First of all, and the top quality of this college is cooperative faculty members. It’s been 5 months of myself in this college but whenever I need some help from teachers, warden, coordinators, etc. they are ready to help anytime like you go and tell them your problem and there is a 90% chance that they will solve your problem. This is the best quality that our college has.

2. Excellence with values

Bimtech follows this culture since Bimtech has been established from the 1990s. it does everything with excellence in every field like sports activities, education, projects, industry visits.

3. Classes size

BIMTECH has around 240 students in PGDM and 60-60 each student in the other three courses. They have designed their structure like this that not more than 60 students can be in any section.

They follow this rule very seriously and it’s quite better to have 60 students not more than that because if a student’s strength is large than it is difficult for some students to study.

4. Interaction of the students with corporate

BIMTECH continuously focuses on that every student is having an exposure to the corporate world. They keep calling industry experts on a continuous basis so that students can have their doubts cleared.

If any students have any query they can contact them whenever they want. BIMTECH continuously keep sending students on an industry visit to some places like Yamaha, Honda plant.

5. Placement

BIMTECH offers good placement to all students with a track record of 100% every year. Faculty staff is from industry and a well-known group and they have a well-known connection to all industry and they call experts from good companies which hire students of all courses with good placements in good hands.

6. The structure of course

Yeah, we know that in the MBA, the schedule has to be hectic but the program structure of this is not that hectic. It was designed like this that students can focus on studies and they can participate in other activities too. Like myself am a member of the theater team and some other activity too but all these activities don’t affect my studies.

7. The diversity of students

Bimtech offers 4 courses in its programs in which students come from all parts of our country. There is no such biasedness here. All the students are treated well and most important their festivals are celebrated too.

8. Hygiene

BIMTECH takes care of the hygiene of every student in terms of food, cleanliness, laundry, etc. we have several cleanliness drives on campus and outside campus like we have Swacch Bharat Abhiyan which they perform inside the campus as well other places nearer to the college like there is a village near to the college called, Nemka where BIMTECH  students, as well as staffs, did this campaign.

9. Beautiful campus

It has a lush green environment and a beautiful campus. It provides a beautiful environment for all students so that they can study better.

The campus is very nature-friendly and has lots of plantations as well as a separate section for medicinal plants. The green environment all over has a soothing effect on the eyes.

10. Library

Lastly, BIMTECH has a large library with lots of books and online material for all the students and research scholars. It constantly keeps updating all the data of books and novels. A wide range of books are available all over the time for every time, it is available so that students can make most of it.


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