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We at Edu4Sure are proud of our experienced and reputed trainers who aid us in delivering quality education, which is at par with the world. Our trainers go beyond national boundaries and include international experts in various fields.

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Arpit Garg

Google Adwords, 9 Years

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga, 40

Deepak Goel

Digital Marketing/ Entrepreneurship/ Client Service/ Life Skills, 8+ Years

Tushar Jain

Digital Marketing, 7 Years

Dr. Pritesh Maheshwari

Motivational Coach, 5 Years

Parul Kumar

CSR/ Soft Skills, 20 Years
Excel/ Soft Skills, 5 Years
Ethical Hacking, 5 years
PoSH/ Self-Defense, 7 Years
Soft Skills/ MS Excel, 3 Years
Soft Skills/ HR Domain, 11 Years
NLP/ Sales/ Yoga, 7 years
Soft Skills/ Leadership/ Motivation/ Sales, 16 Years
Design Thinking/ FinTech/ Financial Inclusion, 11 Years
NLP/ Leadership/ Life Coach, 12 Years
IoT/ Leadership/ PoSH/ Sales/ Soft Skills, 30 Years
Soft Skills/ NLP, 11 Years
Power Yoga, 10+ Years
Soft Skills, 8 Years
Motivation/ Life Skills/ Soft Skills, 15+ Years
Robotics/ Internet of Things, 3 Years
Soft Skills, 4+ Years
Sales Skills, 6+ Years
Soft Skills/ CSR, 2 Years
Graphologist, 21+ Years
Agile/ RPA, 15+ Years
Microsoft .NET Technologies, 11+ Years
Banking/ Sales, 6 Years
Power BI/ Analytics, 7 Years
Advanced Excel/ Power BI/ SPSS, 8 Years
Soft Skills/ PoSH, 25 Years
Sales/ Soft Skills, 6 Years
Sales/ Soft Skills/ Advanced Excel, 10 Years
Python/ Data Science (Machine Learning and AI)/ Digital Marketing/ Web Design and Development, 7 Years
NLP/ Soft Skills, 32 Years
MS Office/ G Suit/ Tableau, 12 Years
NLP, 2 Years
Six Sigma/ LEAN/ Soft Skills, 19+ Years
Agile, 11 Years
Finance for Non-Finance, 5+ Years
Finance for Non-Finance, 10+ Years
Soft Skills, 20+ Years
Soft Skills/ Six Sigma/ Finance for Non-Finance, 13 Years
Parenting Coach/ Soft Skills, 15+ Years
Soft Skills/ NLP, 11+ Years
BFSI/ Finance for Non Finance, 10+ Years
Soft Skills, 15+ Years
Data Science/ Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence/ Business Analytics/ Big Data, 15+ Years
Soft Skills, 2.5+ Years
Soft Skills, 13+ Years
Soft Skills, 20+ Years
Soft Skills/ Finance for Non-Finance, 6+ Years
Digital Marketing, 7+ Years
Quantitative Aptitude, 9+ Years
Quantitative Aptitude, 4+ Years
Soft Skills/ Quantitative Aptitude, 4+ Years
Soft Skills/ Quantitative Aptitude, 12+ Years
Soft Skills, 13+ Years
OS/ DBMS/ SQL/ Business Communication, 18+ Years
Soft Skills, 4+ Years
Soft Skills, 5+ Years
Train The Trainer, 5+ Years
Soft Skills, 4+ Years
Digital Marketing/ Advertising & Media, 12 Years
Soft Skills/ Sales, 2+ Years
Six Sigma/ Finance for Non-Finance, 2+ Years
SPSS/ R/ SAS/ Python/ Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, 40+ Years
Digital Marketing, 5+ Years
Soft Skills, 7 Years
Leadership, Management, HR and Instructional Design Training, 19+ Years
Soft Skills, English Language & Business Communication, 14+ Years
Psychological Counsellor, 8+ Years
Sales/ Soft Skills/ Customer Service, 4+ Years
Power BI, 13+ Years
Digital Marketing/ Soft Skills/ Entrepreneurship, 4+ Years
Soft Skills/ NLP/ Life Coach/ Motivational Speaker, 10+ Years
Soft Skills/ Motivation Coach, 12+ Years
Six Sigma/ Situational Leadership/ MS Excel, 12+ Years
Soft Skills, 9+ Years
Python/ R/ Machine Learning / Data Science, 3+ Years
Sales Training/ Public Relations/ Motivational Coach, 24+ Years
Advanced Excel-Power BI Trainer-Edu4Sure
Advanced Excel/ Power BI, 4+ Years
Work Permits/ Study Abroad Consultant, 20+ Years