Transitioning Into Life Abroad


Life Abroad brings in ups and downs and major transitions of life. But if you are ready for this transition, you are ready to study abroad. Studying abroad is a challenging opportunity. As it brings along all the fun and obstacles. Further, it prepares you for better education, better experiences and more learning.

Mental, emotional strength is required on the part of both child and family when you decide to send your child away for studies. Because this may be the last time you are probably seeing your child. Next time you will see them on computer screens or when they visit you or you visit them.

A total transformation of life will take place. If you can welcome the transformation well and good. However,  if you can not then you are going to face a tough time. Life abroad is unexpected and you ride a roller coaster ride. So, the choice is yours, whether to shout or to enjoy it.

This transition effect is called W-effect.

The W-effect has 5 stages

1. The exciting stage

Firstly, it is the stage which is the elevated point of letter W. You have entered the new place. Everything seems to be exciting and you fall in love with the place. You want to explore and capture every moment. Live every bit of this new place and the Life Abroad. Set some personal goals for yourself while you are abroad and make your experience more enriching!

2. The missing stage

Secondly, it is the stage where you start missing home. Homesickness starts to develop. The tourist feeling has left and you realize that this is your new home. This is the first low of W.

3. The familiarity stage

Thirdly, comes the stage where you become familiar with the environment around you. You immerse yourself in the culture and setting having compassion and understanding and finds yourself among them.

You start appreciating the life abroad and now a part of it. Nothing seems different to you. The second elevated point of letter W.

4. The comfort stage

The fourth stage explains the feeling of not coming back to the home. This place makes you feel comfortable. You feel happy here and do not want to go back to where you were born. As a result, it seems foreign and boring for you. The second law of the W.

5. The warmth homeland stage

Finally, it is the stage where you finally come back. You come back to your motherland and feel the same warmth and love. You feel good among your family and you still haven’t forgotten the values. It’s nice coming back to where home feels. This the final elevated point of letter W.

These are the stages that a person undergoes when they take up to study abroad. There is no fixed rule whether these stages will occur, for how long will they occur, the order. They just happen.

For a few, they might not. For some only stages two, three and four may happen. It depends. It can occur at any time. But somewhere down we do feel the same feelings and emotions described in the stages.

It is extremely difficult to adapt to the changing environment so quickly and smoothly. It takes time. Weeks, Months, Years to fully become a foreigner and live their lifestyle. The transition depends on the personal ability to adapt. Some do adopt it fast some slow. But they do, they are left with no other option.

Steps to smooth transition

Firstly, know about the culture, the social behavior of people. How they react, eat and live. Get insight into their lifestyle and work. Learn about the political aspect. Laws and their operations. Get a realistic picture.

Secondly, Research about academics and college. The most important as you are here to study. The college system, the course involved. Teachings, a way of learning. If you do not understand the language ask for help, learn the language. This will not hurt your studies.

Thirdly, Work on your academic abilities. Put in full power to understand the teachings and secure good marks.

Fourth, Travel to places, make new friends that make you feel comfortable. Don’t end up living alone. Make friends enjoy your journey. Thus, explore as much as you can. So, this will keep you away from a sense of home. You are on your own.

But do not get too attached that you can never turn back to where you started. Returning home is the next step. Completed your higher studies, it’s time to pack back and return. You now have to again adapt to the native culture. The freedom you enjoyed abroad may not be given to you here. So slowly you will come back into that zone again.

This transition from native to foreign and then back to native is difficult. It’s difficult to adapt to different settings so smoothly and early.  This is life. You have to deal with it. Remember you are moving out for a short period and have to return. Make yourself flexible.


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