Utilising Lockdown As An Opportunity Forever!


Every day is a Sunday now”, “There is nothing to do during lockdown”, “Friday has lost its charm” and “It’s weekend already?” Sound so familiar these days. Even you might have uttered these phrases during the days of self-isolation and lockdown in the pandemic COVID-19. Being a student, How can I utilize the lockdown period is the question that keeps pondering your mind, right? So, come and “Take lockdown as an opportunity”.

People are trying to utilize this lockdown which is great but what is greater in this situation?

Any guesses? 

Online Courses as an Opportunity

The greater part of the lockdown is to understand the value of online courses conducted by experienced professionals.

This lockdown is an opportunity forever. It is not just learning in the lockdown but understanding the value of time & online learning. During this lockdown, we at Edu4Sure trained many people.

They said ‘Wow! we loved the learning in this tough time’.

What we want to convey that we are doing the same since 2013. You must try to find the time and learn. This lockdown should make us understand what we are learning today, which could be learned earlier. It is not just an opportunity for this time but a lifetime. 

The situation makes us understand that we should always get the time to keep us updated with new skills. There are many professionals available online to share their knowledge, assess your skills and certify you.

“I don’t have enough time”, “There’s a lot of work pressure to think of anything now”, “Sunday just passes by in stretching and relaxing” and so on. These are another set of statements that we all have uttered at some point in our lives. Undoubtedly, be it working professionals or students, hectic work schedules have crushed all of us under its weights.

So, now that everyone’s life has come to a standstill, Why not learn something new? Why not be prepared for the world when it resumes again?

The world appears to be moving in slow motion now but we all know that, soon, we would all be in the race, again.

So, anyone who is tired of the ‘eat, sleep, pray and repeat’ cycle and wants to lead in the race of job opportunities and skill enhancement, now is the right time for one and all to enjoy and be productive, simultaneously.

Invest some time from your otherwise unoccupied days in learning something new amidst the gigantic platter of online classes and courses available now.

Which Online Program?

There are innumerable, trustworthy, and efficient platforms that offer online courses to users. Why don’t you check online courses (MS Analytics Power Bi/ Tableau, Digital Marketing, Blogging, WordPress Websites, Personal Branding, Six Sigma, Entrepreneurship, etc.) by Edu4Sure? You can have a look at the variety of services that Edu4sure offers here.

By the way, the most emerging field is the field of Business Intelligence, and whether you are an individual or an employer Power BI training is a must nowadays as it gives you and your employees a great power to use Business Intelligence in your Business.

All the courses are taken by experts and supplemented with project assignments. There is a certification after the projects & assessment. The trainers are helpful and go the extra mile to make you learn. You can take time post-workshop to get the best possible learning.

Training Approach – DIY

The practical assignment/ project is very important for us in learning and hence, Edu4Sure has come up with such a learning methodology.

“DIY approach never fails when it comes to learning by doing. Edu4Sure made the learning plan after thorough research and experience gained in the last 7 years” said Deepak Goel, who is the trainer in the Digital Marketing domain.

Whether you hail from science, commerce, humanities/arts background or the multidisciplinary fields such as dancing, music, nutrition, language, media, and journalism, there are a plethora of online classes and courses to help you gain expertise while sitting at home.

We, at Edu4sure, want you to take lockdown as an opportunity. Your time is precious and should be invested in long term skill development. We would like to bring success by bringing forth to you the variety of online courses. These courses have been designed by our experts and have received positive feedback from many trainers, our professionals, and our former trainees.

Why Edu4Sure – 3 Main USPs of Edu4Sure

  1. Conduct sessions in small batches and provide personalized learning.
  2. Take doubts post-workshops to ensure the learner has learned well.
  3. The projects/assignments are allotted and the assessment is made before issuing the certificate.

The team at Edu4Sure wants the learner must earn the certificate which is possible if a learner gets the best learning.

Do you want to be that learner? Do you want to take lockdown as an opportunity?

Shoot your queries today and enroll for the right program for you. We have 30+ domains training for you!



  1. Definitely pandemic has surely affected so many people around the world, but in times like these we all shouldn’t stop learning as it will help in career advancement. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Going nowhere…! isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.

  3. It such a great opportunity for all of us to investing the time effectively … Thanks for giving such impressive information…

  4. Very well explained and one should always think of Learning and growing even in the tough times.Thankyou for sharing.

  5. I’m a student and I’m fed up of these monotonous days due to this lockdown. But after reading this blog I realised that I can go for something new and different by exploring new courses related to my field.
    Thankyou so much for sharing.

  6. “Every day is a Sunday now” this line melts my heart and inspired me on the spot.
    Thnks for sharing the course
    Blog is

  7. Thanku for giving a nice blog.after reading this blog I realised that I can go for something new and different by exploring new courses related to my field.

  8. Very interesting topic to write more about that but blog also gives us lots of information and description ways to explore our points in good manner

  9. I am also a student and went through this part that how to utilise my lockdown period …but fed up with these boring days but after reading this article I realised that there are many ways to utilise your freee time by learning online courses .


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