VBA Course

SETTING UP ENVIRONMENT Setting up VBA IDE Interactive Development Environment
  Saving as Macro Enabled workbook - 2 types
  Personal Macro Workbook
  Recording Macro - 2 windows
WRITING FIRST CODE Writing first code
  Where to save - Module, Sheet, Workbook 
  Option Explicit
  Comment and Indent
  Variable Types
EXAMPLES Examples:
  Sheet - Go to Specific Cell
  Workbook - Greeting
TYPES OF REFERENCES Absolute vs Relative
  What can / cannot be recorded
  Assign to buttons - conditional formatting Top 3 Bottom 3
  Assign to buttons - present a dashboard
EXAMPLES How to Search online - Dos and Donts
  Breaking down the code - Table of Content
  Breaking down the code - Unhide all Sheets
  Breaking down the code - List all Files in a Folder
  Breaking down the code - Delete Blank Rows
CREATE FUNCTIONS Create UDF - user defined function
EXAMPLES Create UserForm
  Connect UserForm to Cells

Practical Learning

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