Ways To Enjoy New Year!


New Year, according to the Gregorian calendar is one of the most popular occasions in India. Many people throughout India celebrate this festive occasion with loved ones or in large greetings.

People in all parts of India dress nicely and brightly and indulge in fun-filled and joyful activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties. Night clubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants, and amusement parks are filled with people of all ages.

January 1, New Year’s Day in the Gregorian calendar is a restricted holiday in India. Individuals can take a limited number of restricted holidays but government offices and most businesses remain open and public transport remains available. Late-night celebrations are the reason that most people report late to work on January 1.

The New Year signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the by-gone year and to welcome the New Year. Traditionally, 1st March is celebrated as the New Year every year. But this date was switched to January 1 as it is considered to have a more religious significance.

With the growth of the western culture across the globe, New Year’s Day on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar has been one of India’s many celebrations. There are different opinions why New Year’s Day that falls on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar was first celebrated in India.

Some say that it was observed when the British colonized India while others say that its popularity bloomed only after the 1940s.

New Year can be celebrated in the following beautiful ways

1. Host an intention party

Invite your best friends over for socializing and snacks.  Before midnight give everyone two slips of paper.  Have everyone write down 2-5 intentions for their New Year twice.  Put one in a shoebox and keep the other.

Everyone will have the option of sharing their intentions – but don’t force anyone if they don’t want to. Sharing will likely result in a lot of laughs and wonderful conversation. Put the shoebox away for one year and invite the same group over next December 31.  You can share the old intentions as you create new ones for 2016.

2. Cozy up with a book

Don’t feel like socializing? Even though it may feel like it, it’s not a requirement. There is nothing wrong with settling in for the evening in front of your fireplace with your favorite novel or magazine and enjoying a delicious meal solo.

Enjoy your evening while reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for how you’d like to spend 2017.  After all, how often do you find the time to have complete peace of mind?

3. Slumber party

Throw a slumber party if you are going to be spending New Year’s Eve with your friends. Therefore, remove all the furniture from the living area. Next, hire a sleeping bag (or just the mattresses from your bedroom).

Add colorful cushions and rugs. Always keep a lot of snacks to munch on and don’t forget a collection of your favorite movies. Go ahead and relive your childhood – play games like Chinese checkers, Ludo, and Scrabble, etc.

4. Bonfire away your bad luck

If you have a fireplace in your house or a garden patch then this idea will work well. Make a rag doll or a paper doll before the party begins and place it near the fireplace or out in the garden.

Once the party begins, forget your past, give all your guests a piece of paper and ask them to write a list of bad lucks, regrets and mistakes that they faced during the year and then pin it to the doll. As clock strike 12, throw the doll into the fireplace or burn it in the garden.

As it burns to raise a toast to better times and a new beginning and bring in the New Year. Also, for more effect burst a few crackers too.

5. Food contest

If you are throwing a party you can ask each of your guests to get their best home-cooked dish. Appoint a jury and a connoisseur to judge.

6. Act on your New Year resolution

This works best when it is an evening with close family and friends. Ask everyone to come prepared with their resolutions for the coming year. Ask everyone to read about their resolutions for the coming year.

Then he needs to begin acting on it for the rest of the evening. For example, if its ‘I will lose weight’ then he watches what he is eating all evening and for those who plan to ‘quit drinking’, they are not allowed to touch alcohol. So think and then write your resolution.

7. Give time and chance to your Wanderlust

Take advantage of the slow business season by taking that trip you were planning for some time. Make sure to make prior reservations so that you go out even if you are not. 

8. Rejuvenate and relax at a spa or salon

Gift yourself a pampering you deserve by relaxing at a spa or salon. Feel fresh and rejuvenated in the new year.

9. Sparkle with fireworks

Light up the sky with festive fireworks, fill the sky with blazing sparkles for a visual extravaganza.

10. Turn on the Time Machine

Take time to reminisce fond memories with dear and near ones from the exiting year as you prepare to take up the New Year head-on.

11. Sing to your heart out

Welcome New Year with a melodious song by singing your favorite number in the company of your friends and family. Don’t forget to include the traditional “Auld Lang Sine” in your medley.

12. Pray for a glorious New Year

New Years are essentially a time for farewell to the old and turning a new leaf. Pray for hope and positivity in the months to come.


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