11 Ways To Make Employees Happy


Employees are the bloodline of the organization. You can never run a successful organization without committed and talented employees. In other words, employees build your organization and they are the key players in the success of the organizations. Therefore you must maintain a qualified and satisfied workforce. Keeping employees happy is equally important.

11 ways to make your employees happy

1. Corporate Training

This is the first formula to keep your employees satisfied and make them happy. Training and development will enhance their skills. As a result, they will advance in their careers and automatically they will be satisfied with their work and progression. Hence so does the company and this will make them happy.

2. Flexible Work Hours

Another step which can make your employees happy is flexible working hours. Allow for some flexibility, it will enhance their productivity also. Otherwise, people feel caged.

3. Allow for Creative Solutions

Training programs make your employees more confident and creative. Allow them to give creative ideas to you. Also, implement the ideas if they are up to the mark.

If it requires improvement, work on it. This makes them happy as their work is being acknowledged. Hence, they will work with more sincerity.

4. Greater Responsibility for Employees

Create an environment of dialogue in the organization. Because communication is the best way to get close to your employees. In this way, you will come to know about their untapped skills.

Further, it can be enhanced through skill training and thus preparing employees for new responsibilities and greater, tougher roles.

5. Career Development of Employees

One easy way to make employees feel they are wanted is to invest in them. You can invest in them through various training programs suited. The HR manager is responsible for this task. Above all, this will make them happy and also the development of their career.

6. Extracurricular activities for staff

Fun should always be a part of the work. Only work, long working hours can make an employee dull. In other words, include some extra-curricular activities that are fun and learning. This will give them a break from the monotonous routine. They feel fresh and happy.

7. Performance Rewards for Employees

Everyone likes rewards. It brings a broad smile on the faces. Appreciation just makes people happy. The same is to be done by the organization with its employees.

For instance, reward their performances, give them incentives for great work. This will bring new energy, motivation in them to work and strive for excellence.

8. Build Employees

This means work on your employees. Build them through training programs. Bring out their inner talent. Refine them according to your work type and organization. This will benefit your organization as well as your employees too.

9. Positive Work Environment

“Happy employees make for a happy company” is the motto. Your employees will be happy only if you give them a positive working ambiance. Therefore no negative energy. A good working environment for your employees is your duty. Fulfill it.

10. Help your employees

We all lack something or the other. No one is perfect. As an organization, you must try to understand that no employee is perfect. They too require guidance. So help them whenever and in whatever you can.

This will make them happy and they will improve their mistakes and will become perfect in the long run.

11. Constructive Feedback

The last but not the least is feedback. Proper, timely and constructive feedback is required. You are seeking feedback from your employees and employees from you. So make it a routine. This feedback has got magical powers. So do not underestimate its power.

I have given you my 11 reasons to make employees happy. You can tell us your reasons and we will be happy to include them on the list.


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