What Is Personal Branding? Just Start Building It!


We have conducted various webinars on personal branding. Before conducting any webinar, when we ask “What is personal branding”? Many people have the same question for us. No one is exactly aware. Let us discuss this today.

Abhay and Animesh are classmates in college. They are exactly opposite of each other. Abhay is a scholar and an introvert who doesn’t talk much. He has skills but ends up underselling himself. 

Animesh, on the other hand, is a very talkative person. But, Animesh lags in the studies, still, he tries to oversell himself. 

Both of them are in the final year and sitting for the placements. Who do you think will succeed in getting a better job?




You’ll find the answer toward the end. You may be wondering why this story? To introduce an important topic today – Personal Branding? Let’s start without further ado.

Personal Branding Definition

Let’s start with the definition. The conscious effort to forge and affect the public perception of an individual by elevating their credibility. Not only that but also stand out from the competition, increase their circle of influence to ultimately advance their career. This will overall make a larger impact on society.

In simple terms, personal branding is the process you follow to make yourself more presentable. It revolves around what you say about yourself. The kind of impression you leave on the other person. Such that, the next time they think about a particular opportunity, you should be the first person that comes to their mind.

Deep Dive in Personal Branding

Do you buy the first thing you see in a supermarket? No! You look around for your favorite brand. This is also the effect of personal branding. Employers don’t hire the first applicant for the job. They wait, look around for the best candidate. How do they do it? Just like we select a brand to use.

This is not only in the case of finding a job. You are surrounded by a variety of situations where you have to showcase your brand. Be it getting on the good side of the teacher, making friends. Even, impressing the girl that you have always liked. All these actions require you to advertise your brand.

Is it Bragging?

The answer is an absolute NO! Personal branding means to market the skills or abilities that you have. An impression based on lies can come back to haunt you in ways you can’t imagine.

Never overestimate your capabilities and never try to show something that you don’t possess. Instead, focus on the skills that you have. If you think that a skill that you don’t possess is needed to achieve your goals. Don’t lie about having it, try to learn that skill. Honesty is very underrated in today’s world, but it’s still appreciated by many.

Is Personal Branding Important?

Well, ask yourself this question. Who do you talk to in a new place? The silent kid sitting in the corner, or the jolly guy who is talking with everyone (Not that introverts are bad). Simply, it’s human nature. Subconsciously, we like shiny things more than dull things

You might know many personalities who have made a name for themselves. They are successful examples of personal branding. You can check out the link to find some inspirations.

In conclusion, personal branding is not about selling yourself. It’s about making yourself available. Ask yourself, what is personal branding for you? Show the world your uniqueness and a way to make people remember you.

Want some help in creating your personal brand? Here are some tips to help you create your personal brand.

Oh, wait! Do you want the answer to the question asked in the beginning? I think you have figured it out yourself by now.

So, I hope you are clear about what is personal branding?


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