MS Power BI (For All Professionals)

If you use any data, you need Power BI.

The growing popularity of Power BI in financial reporting has created an unprecedented Myth ‘Power BI is a Financial Tool’. Well, it cannot be any further from the truth. The genius minds in Microsoft Corporation had a vision when they gave the world Power BI. BUT, Who should learn Power BI?

Well, it was not just meant for financial enthusiasts.

The idea was to make use of Power BI from scratch at any front required and open new possibilities with cloud-based data analysis. Let us have a look at a few of the endless possibilities of Power BI implementations and who should learn it.

Who Should Learn Power BI?

1. Operations manager

Power BI dashboards or reports provide a glance at the health of the production environment. For that, operation manager need to design a System Center Operations Alert dashboard which benefits operation manager in two ways:

  • Comparing Operations alerts by priority and category and see how management performed over time.
  • Identify trouble spots and get the information needed to understand what needs to be done.

Thus Power BI dashboards are directed at on-call engineers and managers to drill down and take action.

2. Purchase managers

The purchase manager is generally responsible for keeping the budget track of purchase spending. He can design a purchase spending analysis dashboards or reports which highlights:

  • Aggregate view of company-wide purchase figures
  • Breakdown of purchase spending by vendor and product.
  • Changes in purchase spending over time.

Also, charts can be used to identify any changes in spending behavior.

3. Sales manager

A sales manager plays a crucial role in setting overall sales targets through effective planning and budgeting. For this, a deep analysis of sales data needs to be done to gain some crucial insights for effective decisions. Sales dashboards or reports made with Power BI can improve sales analysis by focusing on key areas:

a) Sales pipeline dashboard

It provides details as opportunities created, breakdown of opportunity values by customer type and the top opportunities by account and sales manager can compare actual to targeted performance.

b) Trends dashboard

It allows for direct comparison and overlays performance between two time periods.

c) Sales performance dashboards

It helps the sales manager to monitor revenue, gross profit & profit margins. It also highlights the changes in sales metrics over time.

4. Digital marketers

Power BI allows creating dashboards by connecting with services like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc. From the dashboards or reports digital marketer can:

  • Measure & compare paid keywords v/s organic keywords to estimate CPC.
  • Monitor social media & analytics which helps in understanding sales, product quality, and audience opinion.

5. Consultants

The main role of a consultant is to offer expert advice and for that how consultants are communicating is very important. Using the sharing dashboard feature of Power BI, a consultant can keep stakeholders informed about updates and can focus on a more important part of their work.

6. Data analysts

Power BI an analytical tool is fully compatible with a data analyst to make work simpler and faster.

  • Data analysts can work on any type of data source over Power BI
  • Using Power BI merges and append files can be consolidated from multiple network locations.
  • DAX is used to support many modeling requirements for multiple business requirements.

7. Data engineers & data scientists

For advanced analytics & artificial intelligence data engineers & scientists can use Power BI. Power BI data flows stores data in AZURE DATA LAKE STORAGE GEN2 which can be very easily used by them.

8. Teachers, Professors & Students

Power BI can also effectively used by teachers or professors where they can publish the student’s result and students have access to final reports. Moreover, professors can represent their research papers in innovative ways using Power BI visuals.

Conclusion – What’s In It For You?

So, if you deal with data, no matter how big it may be and require to make reports out of them in a breeze. Power BI is a must-have tool for you. This data-driven world made us record, analyze and compile every single thing. Why not do it with the best?

Even unconventional industries that had little to do with data analytics before the 21st century like entertainment, sports, fashion, cooking have become an integrated part of the bigger world of data.

Power BI is an easy tool to use that helps propel organizations into a data-driven culture. Because of its varied usage and efficiency, we highly recommend a power BI training. Power BI training has been a necessity nowadays be it the employer or the employee. With powerful self-service abilities, no longer are business users dependent on IT for gathering, transforming, and analyzing data.

By the way, if you have any thought that Tableau can be an alternative for Power BI, we recommend you reading this blog Tableau vs Power BI and deciding by yourself.

To start your journey in getting the certification in Power BI, you will need to give DA-100 Exam.  Yes, you have to clear the DA-100 exam which has gone live in April 2020. You get a certificate which has lifetime validity!

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