Why Learn MS Excel 365 In Graduation Itself?

Why learn MS Excel 365 in graduation
Here is Why?

Today we’re going to find out the answer to the question “Why Learn MS Excel 365 in Graduation?” So, if you wanna know the answer continue reading.

Congratulations!! You finally got into your dream college. Now you can enjoy college life, with friends and studies are not a major concern. It is the time for personality development, to meet up with people right? Is that what they told you?

My apologies because I am here to burst your bubble. Let’s have an interaction with reality for a moment. College is more than just fun, and hanging out.

It’s a whole new stage of life, which is not as pretty as it sounds. It’s more than fun, it is about your future, your career. You might be a young adult and probably were also the smartest one at school. But that does not work here.

It is not that college or graduation is tough. It is just that the time you are given to adapt to that environment is less. In school, you had 12 years and the same routine with minute changes in academics.

But here you have only 3 – 5 years and you have to adapt to a whole new system of working.

Main purpose

Students today are smarter than they used to be back in black-and-white times. We have young people excelling in so many fields. Gaming, video making, editing, photography, singing, you name it.

But what is the main purpose of college? The fact that studies are not so important is right. In the sense that you do not need to rote learn as much. Unless you have facts stated in front of you.

College is an opportunity to go the extra mile forward. Besides a reality check and personality development, college also indicates a boost in skills.

Students need to be at their best in the competitive world, where no one is an exception to the wonders of the 21st century. If what we already had was not enough came the online ERA. Where everything got shifted to online mode.

From work, studies, fun, enjoyment, learning new skills, and whatnot. Everything became available in front of you on a screen.

Learning skills online became a new trend, with the availability of teachers, new online learning platforms, free coaching, and paid classes.

MS Excel is one of the most demanding skills.

The Secret Skill

Students are not new to the concept of business. They are well aware that business has evolved so much. From just a mere exchange of goods, we have switched to a time of ordering goods and services online. From the comfort of our home.

Environmental concerns and health issues are no longer the reason that people stop purchasing. Young students and business enthusiasts like myself all have a dream company we want to work in.

Studies, assignments and projects aside, there is one skill that can help you get a major boost in your career. It’s a pretty demanding skill at the time, which is fun to learn and has the ability to give you the boost you’re looking for.

It is Microsoft Excel. Yes, that green icon you were too sweet to understand during your childhood years. It’s the same app that made your head turn around whenever you opened it, given the tables and different functions in the app.

Excel 365

It is practically a gift from the Microsoft family to us. The basic function of the app is to help with mathematical calculations and organize data in an efficient manner.

This is probably one of the best-organized data storage devices that people use. As per reports, approximately 750 million people have stated Excel to be the best storage app, across the globe.

Have doubts as to why learn MS Excel 365 in graduation, have a look at some of its advantages.


In a fast-paced world, like the one that we live in, this skill is of major importance. Candidates or applicants who have prior knowledge of Excel, have a better chance of getting their dream job.

The competition is cutthroat, and no one wants to be left behind. So expertise in the following skill, will not only help the company. But also the employee too will have their own benefits.

The prime benefit is more job openings and an edge over the other candidates. Also, having a better chance of being selected for a particular role. These days with more applicants and fewer jobs, the handset of this skill provides job security too.

Overall, it would help the organization to keep its data organized and stored in an appropriate way. Also, through organized data, the employees would be able to communicate with the seniors more efficiently.

The source of this skill

With the ease, availability, and technology to dispose of one’s hand, it is easy to learn. There are youtube video tutorials and webinars by professionals.

Also, learning platforms like Edu4Sure, offer paid courses for the same with assessment and certificate for the candidate.

If you still have doubts as to why learn MS Excel 365 in graduation, you can have a counselling session with Edu4Sure to have a better understanding.

Want to get training on MS Excel 365 or any other skill, e-mail us at partner@edu4sure.com or Call/WhatsApp at +91-9555115533.

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