Why Should Students Focus On Personal Branding In Their Career?


There’s a reason why Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Tony Robbins have such a massive following, and why each of these personalities has a global fan base. Well, it all has to do with personal branding. There are many benefits of personal branding, but let’s start from the beginning – just what is personal branding?

What is Personal Branding

Personal branding simply refers to what you are known for and how you impact people’s lives. It could be direct, such as offering employment, or indirect, such as shaping public opinion. With a strong personal brand, you can address issues in a manner that influences the world around you. Ever wondered What Should You Do For Your Personal Branding?

Tony Robbins has carved out a niche for himself as a motivational speaker while Elon Musk is a corporate guru. When a person feels depressed, they’ll run to Tony Robbin’s social media page or Google his quotes for inspiration. On the other hand, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jack Ma tend to attract entrepreneurs or people with corporate interests.

Now, there’s one thing that’s common with everyone with a strong personal brand – they did not wish their brand into existence. Personal branding takes time, patience, and resilience to build. Perhaps, that’s the reason why most students don’t consider it a priority.

I mean, we all want to graduate and begin dropping our certificates at the next hiring firm. But when we’re lucky to get the job and think we’ve made it in life, we soon realize that there’s more to life than paying bills. It’s like our eyes suddenly open up and we can now perceive the world for what it truly is – one big arena with many people actively competing for your position.

The only way to stay ahead of your pack is to have a strong personal brand. But you could be wondering to yourself, ‘I’m just a student, so what benefits will I get from personal branding?”

Read on as we unpack all the reasons why you should focus on personal branding in your career.

Benefits of Personal Branding

1. Speaks To Your Strong Communication Skills

The first importance of personal branding for students is that its proof of your strong communication skills. This is especially true for students who’re pursuing careers in sectors that deal with serious communication, such as health and fitness, media and journalism, writing, politics, etc.

In such careers, you’ll regularly need to inform and educate your audience, as well as give your opinion on topical issues and emerging trends. And you require effective communication skills to achieve that.

As you build your brand, you’ll continually uncover better ways to convey your message to your audience. One of the many benefits of working on your personal branding is that you’ll also hone your communication skills in the process even further. This will help you to increase your networks. Some of your networks could be your prospective employers and if they love what you’re doing, they could come looking for your services.

Besides being a wordsmith, there are numerous other ways you can prove that you’re an effective communicator. For instance, you might consider photography, podcasts, or vlogging. Your preferred method of content delivery doesn’t matter as long as you can connect with your audience. 

Do you wish to start by Improving Oral Communication Skills?

2. You Become an Authority

With a strong personal brand, any information that you give to the public is taken on good authority. You are a media entity in your own right. In times of deep uncertainty, such as during an outbreak of a disease, your networks will heavily rely on updates from you.

This kind of trust is two-way traffic. With so many people looking up to your insights and updates, you’ll also want to exercise caution before blogging anything. You’ll ensure that every information you put out is not only helpful to your audience but also timely and safe for consumption.

It’s fine to ventilate an opinion, provided you make it clear that it’s your viewpoint. But when it comes to making sensitive claims, such as that which touches on the health and safety of your audience, you’ll want to make sure it’s factual, valid, and verifiable.

3. Personal Branding Helps You Build Connections

Building connections is arguably the greatest benefit of personal branding. A personal brand allows you to build huge networks within your area of specialty. The more you speak out on the issues affecting your industry, the more you emerge as an expert in that domain. And that will result in more people wanting to associate with your brand.

If you’re branding yourself online, it will only be a matter of time before you rake in a massive following. That’s because the more active your social media accounts, the more discoverable they are by search engine algorithms.

With time, your website and social media pages will frequently feature in numerous search engines, thereby increasing your exposure. Also, your existing networks will gladly recommend your brand to their friends, increasing your influence even further.

Now, the reputation that you build from personal branding goes beyond the realms of the internet. You’ll receive overwhelming invitations to deliver keynote speeches at social and corporate events. Whenever you go, people will want to identify with your brand and offerings.

As a student, there are a lot of ways you can benefit from building connections. As we already highlighted, your prospective employers could be among your networks. Your strong personal brand could also allow you to connect with prospective business associates. Needless to say, what better platform than LinkedIn for connections? To get more insight, read on to find  Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn?

Plus, it’s an easy way to market yourself. As you interact with your audience online and offline, you can leverage those occasions to market your products and services by issuing fliers, posters, or business cards.

4. Personal Branding Leads to Loads of Opportunities

A personal brand will not only connect you with prospective employers, business partners, or have you speak in important events. As a student, a personal brand may also win your internships. Plus, big corporate brands will go looking for you for product endorsements.

You’ll even become a darling of politicians who’re trying to sell their party manifestos to the general population. Policymakers will run to you when they want to test-run an idea before mainstreaming it. Some of your networks will simply want to hang out with you, even if only for a cup of coffee.

Wrap Up

So, as a student with a personal brand, the opportunities are limitless. But here’s the best part – you’ll leverage your influential position to charge premium rates for your services. In essence, your brand will have you earning even before you get a “real job.”

There are numerous reasons why students should consider personal branding in their careers. Personal branding enables you to become an authority in your domain. A personal brand also gives you higher exposure to prospective employers. Not to mention, you can make some good cash in the meantime. Whichever way you look at it, personal branding has innumerable benefits and is a great way to achieve a higher purpose in life.


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