Why Should YouTube Be Allowed In Colleges?


YouTube is blocked in almost every Indian school and college. Many college authorities want to avoid having students watch things that are not educational. We want to convey “Why Youtube is important for students?”

First, we need to know why is YouTube banned in colleges?

1. Age-inappropriate content

 The college authorities don’t want their students to access implicit content and 18+ material which is easily available online.

2. Wastage of time

The second reason which people believe is that they think that while teaching from online videos and material i.e. YouTube is a waste of time. They think that students will spend more time browsing and watching other stuff than studying from it.

3. Invalid information

Another reason for not using YouTube in classes is the availability of invalid information which is available in bulk. We can’t trust which information is right and which one is wrong.

But as we know every coin has two faces and in this, there are also two faces. We can always look for a brighter side i.e. advantages of using YouTube in colleges. Since the good, the bad, and the ugly are everywhere in our world, parents, and teachers must take the risk.

Advantages of Youtube in the education field

1. Great learning environment

YouTube is not only the kingdom of digital entertainment but it can also be a great environment for learning. It has many benefits to help students learn about digital citizenship. Teachers have to develop a trust that their students will use the platform wisely. This will make the education system more effective.

2. Educational channels

It also has many educational and special channels that can greatly benefit the teacher and the classroom. Such channels allow the searcher to find videos related to educational topics.

3. Mastery learning

If YouTube is making specific channels for schools to use…Why wouldn’t the classroom use them? YouTube videos can be as good as an instructor in communicating facts or demonstrating procedures. It assists in mastery learning where a student can watch complex clinical or mechanical procedures as many times as they need to.

Why YouTube should be allowed in Colleges

1. Visual audio learning

First and the most important is that everyone knows that every single person learns more when it comes to teaching by the visual audio way. Students are more engaged through visually-stimulating videos and presentations (e.g. TED Talks, business talks, great author interviews, or educational channels).

2. Helpful to learners of various learning modes

It also helps you teach multiple learners (visual, kinesthetic, etc.) in your classroom. Adding a video in your lesson will help the visual learners as well as the exceptional learners. Using youtube will start the dawn of online education in India.

Suppose a teacher is teaching a complicated topic in which he/she needs to show some clipping i.e. visuals etc but they don’t have access to online materials like YouTube and he/she is teaching in an old fashion way.

There is always a probability that students will understand it better but there is more possibility that students won’t understand it and they won’t show involvement. While if he/she teaches using YouTube then there is a high chance of student involvement and better understanding.

3. Teachers can focus more on students

Teachers can spend more time focusing on students and less time explaining complex topics. In this way, the teacher gets more time to evaluate the students in a better way. He can give more attention to all the students.

4. Free study material

Youtube provides free study material for all. It has large data for studying like online classes and other study material. Students can excess to these materials and videos and even can take them home just to study later.

5. Increases motivation

High motivation and high marks.

6. Easy distribution of lessons

YouTube allows teachers to easily distribute lessons to a potential audience of millions. Educators can connect, collaborate, and innovate as never before. This is very helpful for e-learning.


YouTube has advantages as well as disadvantages. We always have to look for the positive side while keeping the negative side in mind.

Using YouTube in college classes can be very helpful for students as well as teachers. A teacher can also learn new things from it because there is no fixed age of learning. It has free materials/videos and it can be excess from anywhere.

We don’t need a big setup just to use YouTube in classes. Just a simple setup, a small investment can be good and helpful for students. We can use it for learning purposes as well as for little fun purposes.

YouTube should be allowed in all colleges so that students can make use of it as much as they can.

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