How Much Does A WordPress Site Cost?


WordPress has 34% of all websites today designed and developed by it. It is one of the most powerful and incredibly customizable software. Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has come a long way. It has now become an efficient and reliable tool for Website design and blogging.

After knowing this, one might think that there is a huge cost involved to make a good site on WordPress. But that is where the true USP lies with WordPress. Either its services are free or within an affordable range. So, Let’s go straight to the direct questions regarding WordPress Cost and Pricing.

How much does WordPress Cost?

WordPress is open-source software. It can be downloaded from at FREE OF COST. So, the main hassle of purchasing some software to build your own website is no more with WordPress.

What a huge relief it is for Businesses, Bloggers, and Individuals who want to make their website of their own. 

Cost of WordPress Software: ₹0 

How much a Domain name Cost?

Simply, a domain name is an address that you type into a website browser address bar to get to a website.

For example, the domain name for Google is

Even though you can skip this step (setting up a domain name) by setting your website as a free blog on, but it is advisable to have your own domain name. As a viewer, visitor or potential and existing clients will take you and your business more seriously if you own a good domain name.

The most registered Top Level Domain (TLD) is .com, but there are many websites on the internet having a domain of .org or .edu. Here, we need to understand that .com is a relatively cheaper domain than .edu and .org.

For domain names, there are many affordable vendors available in the market like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Siteground, BigRock, Hover, and Google Domains, etc. Most of them provide you a .com domain name in the range of ₹800-₹1200 per annum. And if you go for .org or .biz domain name then it may cost you around ₹1200-₹1400 per annum.

Cost of Domain name: ₹800 – ₹1200 per year 

How much does Hosting cost?

The next step you do after setting up a domain name is website Hosting. If you want to set up a simple blogging or business site then entry-level shared hosting can be sufficient. As you are creating your website for the first time, this option is more suitable for you. This type of hosting option allows you to have your website live on a server that is shared by other websites like your own at a very affordable price.

But if you are expecting huge traffic right from the beginning and if you want an advanced level of security options then you may want to select an advanced option of WordPress hosting. It is called a dedicated hosting option.

In this option, your website has a dedicated server of your own. There will not be sharing of any kind. But if you are going for a fresh blogging or business site, we recommend you to go for the first option in Web Hosting.

Hosting price ranges from one provider to another, but after our thorough research we have come up with the best service provider with very economical plans and that is SiteGround. It offers three plans, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. These 3 plans have a variety of essential and premium features.

The price of the first and basic plan (single hosting) is only ₹300 per month. The price of GrowBig (multiple hosting) and GoGeek plans (multiple hosting) are ₹420 and ₹800 per month respectively. Moreover, they offer 24*7 chat support and their TAT is almost NIL.

Cost of WordPress Site Hosting: ₹300 – ₹800 per month,  ₹3600 – ₹9600 per year

How much does a WordPress theme cost?

As it is said in the marketing, “Jo dikhta hai, Vo Bikta hai”. Meaning, whatever looks good and feels good, is sold. Your theme ultimately decides the look and feel of the whole Website, therefore it is important to have a good and a suitable theme for your blog or website.

There are a total of 4000-5000 themes and layouts freely available on at present, which outnumbers all other website designing tools. Although you have a myriad of options to choose from, the best theme for you would be the one which looks good on your visitor’s phone as well as on their big screen as in laptops.

Many WordPress themes are free, but the thing with them is that they are quite plain and not very customizable. Apart from this, they offer very little or no support to the users. Therefore, we recommend you to go for an affordable but highly attractive and customizable theme for your site. Though free themes are also not bad.

The price could be on an annual basis or one-time investment, depending on the theme you select. With higher quality and better functionality and features, these themes can cost you from ₹700 to ₹14,000 in total. But the mean and median price of these good-look paid themes is between ₹3500 and ₹4000 only. 

Cost of WordPress Themes: ₹0 to ₹4000 one time fee or per year

Other costs involved?

Other costs include, basically, PlugIns and Maintenance. These costs totally depend on the functionality and features you want in your Website. There is n number of PlugIns available in the WordPress repository, where many are free and many are paid. Paid plugins have better features and unique in their own sense. These can cost you from a few dollars to hundreds, but 90% of the work can be easily done with free plugins.

Since WordPress provides you with drag and drops options in web designing, it requires no prior knowledge of coding. Thus, maintenance cost, which means to build and maintain your WordPress site, is zero. Anyone can maintain their website and grow their business at no cost at all. Isn’t that amazing? 

Other WordPress costs: 0 to X one time fees or per year depending upon the features requirement

Conclusion: how much does a WordPress site cost?

So, after looking into each type of cost that can occur while making your own WordPress website and publish it online, we have calculated the total sum for you.

Total Cost for a simple website: ₹0 + ₹800+ ₹3600 + ₹0 + ₹0 per year = ₹4400

There are more reasons apart from the costing as to why should you have your website on WordPress.

In case you have a blogging site then WordPress definitely dominates for content success.

What are you waiting for? Get up and invest just ₹4400 and have your very own website ready.


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