Why Are Yoga Workshops Important In Corporate?


Yoga workshops are the new fitness trend for corporates. Why is it so? What are its benefits? We will answer all of your queries. So according to Mr. Amit Ray –

Yoga means addition – the addition of energy, strength, and beauty to the body, mind, and soul” 

We have become so busy with the happenings of our daily life: job, meetings, household chores, the quest for that extra buck, that more often than not taking time out for these activities occurs at the expense of the time that should have been rather spent on improving our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

This unfortunate trade-off is even more pronounced in the corporate culture. It is punctuated by its unending work commitments, long hours in front of a screen, minimal movement, etc.

In such a scenario one needs to make time for self. The onus for this not only falls on the corporate employee but also on any responsible corporate employer. So what better way towards a healthy mind and body than the ancient practice of yoga?

Enter corporate yoga workshops. One designs these Yoga workshops specifically keeping in mind the time and location constraints of the corporate population. Here we discuss some of the immense benefits if the corporate world introduces regular yoga workshops for their employees.


1. Stress Reduction

“A happy employee is a productive employee”, this adage time and again has proven to be true in different corporate settings, and what better way to keep your employees happy (and increase their productivity) by reducing their levels of workplace-related stress.

Many consider Yoga workshops as a strong antidote for stress and the reduced stress leads to employees work, behave, interact, and perform better. Do you know how to manage stress?

2. Improved Focus

Multitasking is the in-thing in today’s corporate culture. With a plethora of activities vying for our attention, the risk of lack of focus on the task at hand has never been higher. Yoga with its focus on breath and body movement synchronization allows one to rid the mind of distractions. And also to focus on the task(s) at hand.

3. Enhanced Decision Making and Creativity

Another advantage that yoga workshops lead to is improved decision making and enhanced creativity. Primarily a result of the reduced stress and improved focus this advantage also results directly in better productivity and performance. 

4. Boosts Immunity

Yoga is also known to improve the body’s immunity which has a direct result of a lesser number of sick employees and hence a lesser number of wasted days due to sick leaves.

5. Improves Posture, Digestion, Respiratory Health, and Other Body Systems

Yoga workshops involve a lot of synchronized stretching activities which results in stretching of the major muscles groups and joints leading to an improved posture, a posture severely dented by long hours of sitting, and working in front of the desktop.

Also, a natural outcome of the hectic corporate life is “the balanced and nutritious” diet plans going out for a toss. Unhealthy snacking and eating habits lead to a lot of digestive distress. This, in return, leads to a range of lifestyle disorders like acidity, ulcers, etc.

This is where yoga workshops come in handy as some yoga postures greatly help in reducing the digestive system. Not just the digestive system, yoga’s focus on calm and synchronized breathing improves the functioning of the lungs. The respiratory system, as well as the cardiovascular system, benefits from it.

6. Improved Confidence, Moral and Positivity

“A healthy body breeds a healthy mind”, this Wilbur smith’s quote couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Indeed a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. When one is confident and positive about his body and health it flows into other aspects as well. Thus, leading to a more confident and positive disposition.

7. Reduced Employee Turnover

Lower stress, increased positivity, and moral lead to reduced employee turnover thereby preventing the money outflow that an organization accrues on new hires. 

8. Company Image

Another indirect result of employers conducting corporate yoga workshops for their employees is that the corporation is seen as caring and responsible. Just like training and development for employees is important, recreational activities are just as important. This naturally enhances the organization’s image resulting in it attracting better talent.

Though the above by no means is an exhaustive list, it is an indication enough of the innumerable benefits regular practice of yoga has (through yoga workshops, etc) for both: the employee and the employer. Hence, a big answer in the affirmative for the question of “Why Yoga workshops are important in the corporate”?

Today, Most of the corporate conduct Yoga workshops and Recreational activities help employees in many ways.

So what are you waiting for? let’s do yoga and bring fun with health! For the workshop, please connect at partner@edu4sure.com or simply call us at 95 5511 5533


  1. In our busy lives, we have forgotten to live happily. Today, we live in stress with no peace in mind and thus reduce productivity. Yoga has proven that it brings peace, strength, and energy to our mind, therefore, many corporate are adapting it for the betterment of the employees as well as the company.

  2. Corporate yoga has never been more relevant than it is today. You feel more positive and are able to take a compassionate as well as an objective stance at work.


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