9 Advantages Of Learning Hadoop


Are you keen to know about Machine Learning? Have you heard of Hadoop? Most of you will say YES! Before we know the benefits of learning Hadoop, let’s know “What is Hadoop”?

What is Hadoop?

Big Data and Big Data Analytics are the words everyone is familiar with. Organizations are collecting data. After that, they post it online on various websites and online portals. The data found on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere is known as Big Data. The main purpose of collecting this type for semi-structured data is to understand customer needs using big data analysis. Managing Big Data is a difficult task.

Are you still confused about what is Big Data and data analytics?

Big Data is nothing but a large volume of data and a variety of information that can be turned into assets. With data analysis and interpretation, big data can be turned into assets.

The sites have been accumulating data for ages. Hence, now is the time to manage this pileup of data on websites. To manage, analyze the data and find out customer behavior there is a magic tool, Hadoop.

Using Hadoop organizations can manage the big data generated at affordable prices and also perform the data analysis.

It is a framework used for Data Analysis. Apache Hadoop is a popular example of the framework that companies use today to analyze big data generated. Thus, skills in Hadoop can help you in Corporate links and rendering effective Corporate Training as well.Do you know why we should learn it?  Because it has many advantages and is highly in demand.

Advantages of Hadoop

1. Managing Data

Learn Hadoop to manage heaps of unstructured data. The requirement of using it for big data analysis and management is increasing because the big data is increasing. Learning can be complex in the beginning. But with professional training, you can easily learn to manage Big data.

2. Career Opportunities

Its Learning opens new career opportunities like Bog data analyst for you. You can also become a Hadoop Architect, Developer, Administrator, and Data scientist. Moreover, with high demand comes a good package. Therefore, it is here for a stay.

3. Become a part of Big Data

Frameworks like Apache Hadoop permits the storage and processing of big data using economic hardware. The Big Data Analytics market is expanding. And the only way to enter the market is through Hadoop.

4. Powerful Software

Apache Hadoop can easily store huge amounts of big data. It is open-source and freely available data analysis software. Also, you can easily download it from the internet. So it is a must-have for all the organizations having a huge amount of big data.

5. Marketing Solution

With Hadoop, big data can be easily analyzed cost-effectively. It is a way of figuring out market trends. 80% of data is unstructured today and the remaining 20% is semi-structured and structured data.

6. Easy Learning

Learning Apache Hadoop is easy. It is pretty easy to start with. The core system is built on Core Java. Further Hive and Pig are quite similar to SQL.

7. A variety of Applications

It has a variety of applications within its framework, from framing innovative new questions to data analysis and interpretation. Also, it reveals answers to typical problems by data analysis of all the available big data.

8. Act as a Research Tool

Hadoop acts as a research tool from a business perspective. Big data with it can help businesses find answers to questions they didn’t even know how to ask. Besides, it helps with research and development work.

9. Economical

Lastly, It is cost-effective. It is employed on cheap hardware and thus it does not need any specialized parallel processing hardware. As a result, making it cheap.

If you are good at programming languages like Python or data analytics then it is for you as you can easily adapt. It is a great framework that businesses can use to leverage the big data collected every day. In conclusion, it is here to stay, so learn it.

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