How To Grow Business – Online?


The internet penetration in India has increased manifolds in both urban and rural areas. More and more people are using smartphones to access the internet. The Internet has not only revolutionized communication between people but has also played a very important role in changing or modifying the way business is done. This blog will help you understand how to grow business online.

E-commerce was unknown in India at the start of this century. But it has grown enormously in the last decade. Everything you want to buy right from daily fruits and vegetables, groceries, apparel to furniture and luxurious items is all available for sales online.

Several companies have grown due to this trend and have used online modes to increase their business manifolds. To name a few are, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Grofers, etc.

A few combine the brick and mortar as well as online stores for more visibility and grow business. Even small and medium-sized businesses have started to build their online websites and grow their business.

We know that online business has become a building block of business growth.

Let us understand the steps to start and grow your BUSINESS ONLINE

1. Secure a domain name

A domain name is the one that is visible to everyone. A domain name is the website name through which it is located and tracked. Eg: is a domain name. Ensure that the domain name you get for your business website is relevant and related to your business.

If you are trying to grow business of your brick and mortar stores online, ensure that your domain name is related to your existing store. It should also not be very complicated or long and should be easy to remember.

2. Find a hosting company

A good hosting company is key to your online presence. Ensure that it can scale up as your business grows. Also, these solutions are expensive, keep a check on the amount of money you are investing and the returns you will get.

Getting access to lot many resources while your business interests very few people will lead to wastage of useful resources.

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3. Build your website

The look and feel of your website are of utmost importance as that is the interface between the users and your business. If it is not comfortable for the user to use your site, he will not come to it again.

Ensure there are proper search and filter options available, the images are loaded according to the size of the device, the colors are pleasing to the eyes and there is smooth navigation.

Now once your website is built, you can make it up and running.

For the success of your online business, you must ensure the following to increase its visibility

1. Responsive

Your website has to be responsive to the requests thrown at it. It should be easily able to adjust according to gadget’s screen size and resolution. Also, there should be a lighter version of it to load on slow connections.

Also the connection with the third party for reasons like banking, tracking delivery should be seamless and not take a lot of time.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization helps you in increasing your customer base. Search engines like Google and Yahoo work on keywords and thus you must ensure that your website is searched by the engines when a user searches for things relevant and related to your website and business. You can always undertake a course or a certification to better understand SEO and Digital Marketing.

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3. Updates

Once you are ready with your website, ensure to update it regularly to provide fresh and latest content to users. This will give them a reason to keep visiting our website and thus eventually turn into a loyal customer.

4. Use Analytics

Analytics provides a major source of information about how your website is performing on the internet. Use this information to your advantage to build insights and improve your business strategies to promote growth.

5. Competition

Your business will never be the only player in the market. Even huge leaders like Amazon have competitors. Thus to keep growing, you always need to keep track of what your competitor is doing and be ready to face challenges posed by it.

You should also look for shortcomings in your competitor’s website and add them as a feature to yours to gain an added advantage

Now that you have a fully functioning website that has online visibility to your customers, the next step is marketing your business online. It is the most important part as this will decide the success or failure of it.

How to grow and market your business online

1. Target Customers

This is one of the most fundamentals of marketing. Don’t wait for the visitor to come to your site by himself, give him a tempting reason to do so.

Your business always has a certain prominent segment to target, focus on this demographic segment initially to build your online business. Once this is achieved, you can focus on other segments for growth opportunities

2. Network

Networking is the key to the marketing of an online business. You connect with people related and interested in your industry to build contacts and customers. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you this opportunity to communicate with your customers.

You can have a Facebook page/profile, a twitter account and be active on them. Ensure to be responsive to customer queries and feedback through these networks to build a good reputation. LinkedIn is a very successful tool to network with professionals in your industry.

3. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be more personal and make the customer feel privileged. Send emails of the offers and promotional campaigns going around that he may be interested in. Ensure you don’t send a lot of emails else you will end up in spam.

4. Advertise

Advertise can connect to a large number of people at the same time. You must focus on personalized advertisements to maintain the attractiveness of your business. It also helps to build a loyal customer base.

Supporting your customers when they shop from your online business is of utmost importance.

Ways to keep your customers happy

1. Shipment and Delivery

The customer chooses the online option to save the efforts of going to the shop and looking for things. He rather prefers to be sitting at his home and shopping.

Ensure you give this relaxing experience while delivering the products to them. The delivery should be timely and should have the ability to be tracked down.

2. Feedback and Grievance Redressal

Feedback is very important to improve your business. As much as positive feedback makes you happy, negative feedback allows you to improve your processes.

Ensure to have a system for redressal of complaints by a customer and it must lead to customer satisfaction. A customer usually comes when the issue gets quickly resolved. 

Thus now you know how to build your website online and grow your business enormously through it. So get going and revolutionize your business idea or plan into a successful online business.


  1. As a startup, there is a limitation of time and money. In online promotion, the messages transfer to the customer rapidly than offline promotion. An increase in the number of online shoppers has pushed them to expand or shift to online selling.

  2. Thank you very much, for write a blog on this topic… very well you have expanded this topic…The methods you have described are perfect for growing business.


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