How To Manage A Jealous Colleague?


Dealing with a jealous colleague at work is not easy. We listen to something in front but it may happen something else. Our purpose is not to make you worried or upset but help you deal with a jealous colleague.

“Look at you, you’re doing so well!”

“You are the go-to guy for our boss”

“She’s getting promoted over me”

“Here comes the star of our team”

When things seem to be going your way at the workplace, these are some phrases that you’ll get to hear quite often. There can be talks behind your back, sarcastic remarks, dirty looks, gossips and what more? Some of your co-workers will throw them at free will and you need to be prepared to dodge them.

Having to face a jealous colleague at work is an extremely irritating and unpleasant situation to be in for any individual but since it has become very common these days, one needs to learn to steer their way through such obstacles while continuing to make progress. After all, what is life without a challenge or two?

Well… How to handle such situations?

Guidelines on how to deal with a jealous colleague (7th is the best)

1. Refrain from animosity

While colleagues might make your blood pressure soar through their constant jibes or remarks. It’s always advisable to not show any form of aversion to them at the workplace. As this might undermine your personality and make you less likable to other colleagues as well.

2. Never apologize to your jealous colleague for no mistake of yours

After getting an appraisal or a promotion, you might be tempted to apologize to your co-workers (who didn’t get one) to make them feel better. This is unnecessary because you have earned your place out of merit. On the contrary, such a move might be perceived as a sign of weakness by your colleagues.

Avoiding ego-clashes at work is important, but in doing that, you must not lose your self-esteem.

3. Be on your A-Game

Let’s take a situation. Suppose if a colleague tries to create gossip and sabotage your reputation by saying that you can’t do presentations properly, then you better give them the best presentation they have ever seen. Simply put, be at your best without acting needy and this will help you gain a lot of brownie points.

4. Build relationships that matter

Be friends with people who believe in you. When push comes to shove, your friendships with the right people will help you open the doors to new opportunities and negate the threat of your jealous colleague.

5. Don’t take anything personally

In any organization, there will be individuals who are jealous of the growth of a colleague and try some underhanded stuff to pull down the achievers. Such office politics is a part and parcel of today’s world.

Hence, one has to shrug it off and move on. Taking things personally will only affect you more and force you to not concentrate on the more pressing matters at hand. Learn to laugh it out and see the lighter side of things to ensure your mental well-being at work.

6. Do some self-Introspection

Recall your past experiences with colleagues and think if you had bragged a lot or sounded too cocky while conversing with them. It’s always good to look into the mirror and see if you are guilty of creating a strained relationship with your fellow mates. Such introspection will help you assess your behavior at the workplace, leading to overall personality development.

7. Speak with your jealous colleague

The best antidote to workplace jealousy is to have a conversation with the concerned colleague. Though it might not be the easiest of the aforementioned strategies, it works the best as we know that “No problem is unsolvable if you decide to speak it out”.

You can also reduce the likelihood of jealousy in a professional relationship by adopting some innovative team building practices. It will guide you on how to deal with a jealous colleague.

Finally, learn to relax. Even if nothing works out for you, remember that “The people who are not happy about your success are probably not happy for themselves either”. Cheers!

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