How To Improve Listening Skills?


Richard Branson says that “A skilled listener is conscious of the words spoken by others, but can also “hear” what is not being said. By paying attention to not only to others’ words but their body language, you can often spot inconsistencies.” But, how to improve listening skills and enhance communication?

There can be some ways to understand a few situations. for instance, if a colleague tells you “everything’s fine” yet she has a feigned smile, and her arms crossed tightly across her chest, she’s probably masking something. If something seems incongruent, there’s a high likelihood that something is missing.

When you notice these instances, discreetly following up will help you get to the bottom of the issue—and demonstrate your heightened awareness and listening skills. But sometimes listening means biting your tongue and flexing your empathy muscle to put yourself in their shoes.

10 tips about how to improve listening skills.    

Stay Focussed


Detect Emotions

Ask questions


Don’t interrupt


Don’t pre-empt


Recap key facts       

Pen and paper at the ready

Say it again

Watch the stereotypes


Be aware of listening barriers


What is the need for improving our listening skills?

The benefits of listening are numerous. Active listening demonstrates respect, builds trust, and makes people feel valued. It creates a virtuous cycle: we naturally gravitate toward those who listen to us, and when we feel heard, we open up and share. It is important than communication skills. The benefits of listening are unlimited. It helps in building a successful career.

A skilled listener is very sensitive about the words said by others but also hears those words which are not said. Excellent listening skills improve communication with other people. It helps us to build relationships, collaboration, and an advantage to win over those leaders who don’t want to listen to others.

Richard Branson’s struggle to improve listening skill               

Richard was suffering from dyslexia disease so he developed listening skills at a very early stage of his life. According to Richard, a person should be a great listener than a speaker. In his book Virgin way Richard told us about developing listening skills and how he developed it. Here are some excerpts about listening skills improvement.

1. Listening is not hearing

If you want to be a great listener then actively focus on a person’s speaking and not just hearing. Listening means understanding what one speaks and not just hearing a sound.

2. Don’t be too talkative

Many CEOs build teams only through this method. Richard also got inspired by this technique. Talking is fine but too much talkative is not. We lose listening when we talk much.

3. Lots of Conversation

During a conversation Listen to others actively. As much as you engage in conversation with others, you will get fast results. Your listening skills will improve.

4. “Deep” listening

If you want amazing answers from a person then ask good questions also.  People feel good while talking to Richard. He says that deep knowledge can only be gained through deep listening. As much as you listen your knowledge will also increase.

5. Feel the emotions 

Richard writes that a good listener should have the ability to feel other’s emotions. He says that his family thinks him a very insensitive person. However, the truth is while taking interviews he likes to feel other people’s emotions.

6. Stop Multitasking

If you want to listen well then you have to stop multi-tasking. For example, you are talking with your friend but also doing some cleaning work then you cannot listen properly.

Do you have any tips in your mind about how to improve listening skills? If yes, leave a comment below!

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