How To Maintain Work Life Balance?


For fast-acting relief, try slowing down – Lily Tomlin. Managing work and life can be very exhausting. Human needs are unending, you need a perfect job, perfect family, perfect health, you need it all… then buddy guesses what – To achieve it you need to strike a perfect balance between your personal and professional life and that my friend is a tough task to achieve. Every day millions of people are fighting with themselves to achieve this balance. So how to maintain a work-life balance?

Today I am penning my thoughts down with the sole purpose of conveying a message to just a single person whose life can be better if he channelizes his energy in the right direction.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

1. Set your priorities

Decide what is important for you. Try having a 360-degree overview of your surroundings. Prioritize things in order. Don’t overfill your list. Change your perspective and widen your horizon, so that you find contentment. Sometimes a very small thing can fill your heart with contentment.

2. Give time to yourself

Spare some time for yourself and introspect, that helps you in knowing your needs and the level of satisfaction that you get from that need.

3. Order

Order your priorities in ascending or descending order according to your preference and assign a weight to it. 

STEP 2: Goals

1. Set your work goals

When you set goals for yourself, it boosts your morale and channelizes your energy towards achieving that goal. you keep monitoring your success towards that goal and that gives pleasure to you. Time-bound goals help you with managing your time more efficiently. When you perform good at work, the result can be seen in your personal life as well.

2. Short term goals

Have short term goals like closing a deal in a week or finishing up the presentation by evening. Markdown the progress.

3. Long term goals

Besides short term goals, one should also have long term goals. These goals take a lot of time to accomplish but it will motivate you to make the most of your time at work. To earn double in the next 5 years ????? what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?  Try to find the answer to this question and then proceed towards your goal.

4. Personal goals

Apart from work goals, you should also have your personal goals. It is imperative to have personal goals in life. If you have personal goals then it positively affects your life.

It acts support towards striving for growth and success in life. You must have heard a lot of people saying that I keep my personal and professional life apart, it is good this is the way it should be done … but the million-dollar question here is that, if that’s possible to achieve … not un-achievable though !!

Your personal life and professional life both are interlinked, each of them affects each other, even though practically you separate them, psychologically it takes a toll on you and affects you physically and mentally, ruining both your pyramids of personal and professional life. so you must pay attention to both of these pyramids.

Step 3: Plan

Planning is a ubiquitous step. It is like an anchor to the ship…metaphorically that ship is your life and planning provides the right direction to your life.

1. Profession

Choose your profession very wisely, plan before you take any decision because the right profession that you enjoy is going to have a profound effect on your life.

If you love your profession, you enjoy your work then your professional and personal life is at a balance. If you are satisfied with your job, then you will be able to devote your mind and energy to your personal life as well.

2. Personal

Just as a job affects your family life simultaneously your family also affects your job. So while taking any decision in life, you should consider all aspects. you need to plan your family accordingly.

  • Ask questions like who should work in the family ? should both husband and wife work? what impact will it have personally, financially?
  • How many kids you should have and when? Who will take care of your kids ? do you have any other family members to share the load ???

Step 4: The Off Button

Like everything in the modern world has an off button, you should also have an off button for your life …careful you need to press it at the right time, right place, right people… Every time there would be more of work, one more email to reply to, one more important phone call to be made … you need to have an off button.

You need to stop and embrace the present moment in life. Do not use a cell phone or laptop at the dinner table. Leave your tablet at home when you go for a vacation. These are the minute things that have a magnified effect. 

Step 5: Other commitments

Apart from family and professional life, what other commitments do you have ????

  • Are you a part of any club, society ??
  • Are you a volunteer for social work??
  • Do you have any hobbies that you want to give time to?
  • Do you have any dance classes, gym, yoga classes…

Try considering all the commitments in life and try to balance out everything, then only you will enjoy the perfect blend of life !!!

Good luck.

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