How To Manage Stress?


Every day we find us in stress due to any reason. Stress is something that can be ignored. “How to manage stress” has become the most common question. So let’s find a solution to it.

According to Selyle(1956), Stress is ‘the pressure experienced by a person in response to life demands’.

Now, there is no limit to what can induce stress, right?

There can be a truckload of stressors. For example,

  • The environment can induce stress if there’s a lot of heat, hail or cold.
  • Physical conditions such as hunger, extreme thirst or pain can cause stress.
  • The intra-personal and inter-personal relationships that one has, is one of the most major cause of stress.

Along with this, stress isn’t only negative.

There is something called positive stress as well.

For instance, when you’re worried that you might fail in your exams, you tend to study well.

Again, stress can also be short-termed stress and long-termed stress.

For example, a broken washing machine or heavy traffic are situational stressors. Meanwhile, dysfunctional relationships, toxic workplace environments, physical ailments are complex and persistent stressors.

Now, the burning question is, How To Manage  Stress?

We know that we can not actually avoid stress. However, none said that there’s no way to be at peace.

Here, we bring forth for you, a few ways to relieve stress in your daily life for some calm in the chaos.


Whenever you are in situational stress, take a few deep breaths. You can even count numbers to increase the effect.

Close your eyes, inhale, exhale and repeat the cycle. You would feel a lot better and be able to handle the situation better.


You need not worry about going to a park at 4 AM or becoming a sage. Now that you already take deep breaths in situations at hand, this is nothing but just another step further.

Sit in a comfortable position, take deep breaths while saying to yourself positive affirmations such as ‘I am at peace’, ‘I will make the day productive’, ‘I can handle the situation’, etc.

Meditation has both long term effects and short term effects.


Dive into the sea of memories. It is a great way to feel better.

Go through pictures of the times, the places or the people that you like. Listen to music that connects you to the times that you cherish. Flip through old letters, notes, gifts, and other similar things.

This works very well in situational stress.

4. Socialize

Going through old stuff, you must have come across your loved ones. You must have also realized that you haven’t been able to spend time with them in long now.

So, get going and dial their phone numbers. You can even text them. However, meeting them would yield the best results in the long run.


Sometimes meeting people, working or conversing throughout the day makes you completely drained out of energy, right?

Is that somewhat the scenario? Do you think that going out and socializing would not be a great option? Go turn your speakers on. Enjoy your pop, live the calm.


Physical activities such as exercising, yoga, zumba, sports, etc do not only keep your body fit. These also keep you in an emotionally good space.

Exercising releases Endorphins. Endorphins are the euphoria bringing hormones of your body. So, why not groove to your music and slay every beat of the music?


You are what you eat. Now, you are already exercising. So, why not pair it up with some good healthy home-made food?

Having healthy nutritious food not only keeps your health in pink but also lifts up your emotions.

It’s a long term serene investment to make along with long-lasting glow on you.


Spend time with yourself. Make a list of all the things and people that you’re grateful for.

 Initially, it might seem to be exhausting you mentally. You might feel that there’s nothing to be thankful for, as well.

Nonetheless, once you start, you’ll see yourself smiling ear to ear with every point in your list.

There are numerous other ways to de-stress yourself. It all depends on you i.e. stress is subjective and so are the coping mechanisms.

You can always start with the above-mentioned steps. Eventually, you would be able to find techniques to cope up with the stressors.

We hope you got the answer to the most common question “how to manage stress?” If you want to get more practical knowledge, you may ask us for a workshop on that.

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  1. It is a real concern for all the organizations. 75% of employees believe that workers have more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. Thanks for sharing tips. Its really helpful.

  2. Stress is something that today 99% of the adults are facing.. Very well elaborated on how to manage stress in difficult times… Great read!!


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