Flaws In The Indian Education System


The education system in India was imposed on us by the Britishers, they wanted to create a population of education clerks and coolies. We attained independence in 1947, but the government did little to change the education system in India and we have many flaws in the Indian education system.

The present state of education in India is on a rough and bumpy road.

Achievement of a 100% literacy rate in primary education is still a dream lost somewhere in the hazy cloud, the most basic foundation step of quality education. Over 500 million people in India still do not have access to primary education. The majority of the students in poor India drop out of schools before writing their 10th-grade papers.

Let us discuss 5 major flaws in the Indian education system

1. Inequality

There is a wide disparity between the rich and the poor in the country and an equal level of disparity in terms of access to the elite education services. Quality education can be accessed by the people the only few people who can afford it. Although the government provides free education to the students at the primary level the quality is very poor, unlike the developed countries where educational quality at public schools is very good.

2. Rote learning

Our education system is more inclined towards rote learning instead of practical applications and analytical skill development. Although the government has taken initiatives by introducing the CGPA system at primary and secondary levels and university levels, the system lacks the availability of trained personnel and staff to facilitate this kind of education structure.

There’s no focus at all on experimental learning, practical implementations or an innovative approach towards theory. This is one of the major flaws in the education system. Students blindly mug up the books without even knowing the practical implications for the same. According to a study, only 18.3% of engineers that pass every year are employable in India. It is high time we encourage students to quit mugging up and help them gain some practical knowledge!

3. Poor Infrastructure

Government schools and colleges are in a very miserable condition. They lack good infrastructure in terms of classrooms and books, stationery items, etc. Due to the unavailability of proper infrastructure many students from classes 1 to 5 study at the same time in the same classroom, thus it is degrading the quality of the education system in India. I believe this is one of the biggest flaws in the Indian education system.

If the students are not paid heed at the elementary level, it places their future education in the dark world. At the university level, there is a lack of proper equipment for research, unavailability of research labs, etc. Thus, the lack of proper infrastructure is pervasive at every level.

With 65% young population and a productive workforce, India has a great opportunity to become the world leader by 2020, education is a very powerful tool and if we use it wisely it would do wonders for India as a country.

4. The bad state of teaching

The quality of teachers recruited at low-income schools, government schools, and mid-income schools is not up to the mark. They do not possess good communication skills and a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Due to the quota system and corruption, some candidates do not even fulfill the basic requirement of training and does not even have an aptitude for teaching. The biggest example is a lot of students in our country studying at government schools cannot even read their textbooks properly. Thus inherent flaw in the education system is putting the future of our nation in jeopardy! The chief minister of Delhi has started a new drive, reading meals, etc. to increase their proficiency in reading so that every student can at least start understanding their textbooks which are quintessential for their learning.

Secondly, the reason there is a lack of good teaching professionals is that it is not a very lucrative profession. Teachers are not incentivized enough to perform better in their jobs. There is no motivation available to them. Also, there is a lack of accountability by teachers on the students‘ performance.

The tuition system has given birth to another kind of weed that is biases of teachers towards the students who take tuitions from them. Teachers do not teach properly in the classroom premises and force students to take tuitions from them if they want to have the clarity of the subject. It is giving a very wrong impression of the blooming minds and the future of our country.

5. Societal and Parental pressure

Societal pressure is one of the major problems in our country. It is eating away the creativity in the minds of children. Making them cramming nerds, and disturbing their emotional quotients. Parents force children to get into the best institutes for financial security ahead. They force them to study the professions, they do not have an aptitude for.

This poses a lot of pressure on the students. This may lead to depression state and in turn leading to suicides. The pressure of getting marks better than other kids have become symbol status for people. Societal pressure to get into good schools is not only for educational aspects but also for marriage prospects. Parents need to understand their child’s needs and relieve the child’s pressure!

Also, the reservation system and management quota system poses a great pressure on the students. This occurs due to the availability of limited seats. This further leads to intense and unhealthy competition among the students for securing admission.

Let’s plan towards an effective education system and save the future of our country.

If you believe that there may be any more issue which we should cover, please let us know. We need to work on our education system and improvise it for a better India.


  1. Half the country does not even have access to proper education, and only a small fraction can go to university, the government needs to improve the education system for the betterment of the country.

  2. A real eye-opening article, Mukul!
    The Indian Education System remains adamant to change despite all our efforts. We must raise awareness faster than an uncontrollable wildfire!
    School is said to be known as the temple of knowledge, not the prison of fears, pressures, inferiority, regrets, and bullies. The sad truth is that fear is what drives a student in the present education system, not the love of learning which is really bad.


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