How My Landing Page Should Be?


Hey, are you here for upgrading your knowledge about the landing page of your website? If yes, then you have landed at the correct place. Do you know about it or do you want to know some features of a good landing page? Do you want to know how your landing page is an important part of your digital strategy?

Then pull your socks up for getting ample information that is important for you to make your landing page the best.

Some significant questions are discussed here. Just 8 Golden tips on ‘How a landing page should be?’

So go on reading. Because- ‘Reading is the key to open the doors of rooms filled with Knowledge.’

‘What a landing page is?’

Do you get a perfect answer from your brain? If not, then read the following:

  • It is meant for converting your viewer to your customer and increase traffic to your site.
  • When a visitor clicks a link and lands on some other page it should be an eye-catching experience for him.
  • A landing page represents a centralized topic in detail. One gives the rest of the information like offers, webinars, events, different blog posts, etc. along the edges of the page.
  • This helps the viewer to clearly understand at least one topic. Rather than getting confused from a home page and skipping your site. (To know about the differences between a home page and a landing page, read the next discussion below).
  • A good landing page has the ability to instruct a visitor to view your page and make the desired actions.
  • It can also help your website to increase traffic in less time, more easily than your home page.
  • You can give a link to your landing page through advertisement, e-mail, notification, any social media campaign, etc. Creating a campaign on social media platforms is easy. Read How To Create A Facebook Campaign?  to find more.

Next what?

‘Differences between a Homepage and a Landing page’

  • On a home page, the information is in a scattered format. a new visitor to your website has so many places to visit, all at a time.
  • A landing page also provides ample information. But one arranges it in a manner that the visitor has to pay attention to one locus at a time.

After this, it’s optional for him/her to have a look at other information also.

  • The homepage does not allow a visitor to focus on a particular task.
  • Whereas landing pages are specific places to visit for a newcomer on your website. Some link directs the visitor towards them.
  • The conversion rates. the number of visitors converted into customers per unit time gains a high value when a person gets to know ‘what he has to do?’ through a well-stated landing page.
  • Whereas this rate is quite low when you are presenting your home page.

What’s the bottom line?

Hence, we can conclude that the landing page is quite different from the home page. In fact, it is much better than a home page. So you should create a new landing page for every new product, service or any newly designed offer.

‘How will you create a landing page? ’

The big question, I guess.

No need to think so much. Just go through the following points: (These are based on the characteristics of a good landing page).

  • Focus on the headline

You have to first make the headline most eye-catching. Remember that any new visitor to your page will start from the heading. He will set an impression about your website through the headline only. You must know that ‘The first impression is the last impression.’

Tip: Write a heading that is easy to understand for any visitor regardless of his/her background.

For example: “Golden Opportunity for you” This will definitely attract your visitor out of his curiosity.

  • Put informative sub-heads

Your sub-headings should be able to give the viewer good amounts of information. So that when he/she lands on your page, it takes them less labor to go through the page.

Tip: Provide direct links through the sub-headings to any further page you want your visitor to go on.

  • Content, images, and CTA

Content should be worthy enough that the visitor feels that he has gained something crucial after reading it. Here’s a guide with 7 Interesting Steps To Write Great Content For Your Website.

Add images that present your work, few offers for the visitor, etc. Images help the viewer to understand the exact purpose of your content.

CTA is abbreviated for the ‘Call to Action’ button. You need to place this button on your landing page at places that can catch the customer’s attention. This CTA button leads the visitors to the next step or the next page. 

  • What else

The rest of the format can be designed as per your website or your company. Just try to give only one topic in the center of your landing page. Give rest of the smaller topics either in short paragraphs on the edges of the page or allot a CTA button to every new topic.

A new visitor if likes your presentation on the page he has first landed has a choice to go for other landing pages through the links you have provided. This will increase the session time as well which is important for search engine optimization. 

8 golden tips

After discussing the points to follow for creating a good landing page, a few golden tips are given below:

  • Before creating it, collect ample information. You cannot afford to create a landing page that lowers the traffic on your site. This is a common mistake that people do in digital marketing. Do you know about the 10 Mistakes Of A Digital Marketer?
  • Create it by keeping in mind that you should present only those links, facts or things that the visitor wants to see.
  • Make it in a way that appeals to your visitor and converts him/her into a customer or consumer.
  • Always use easy words, fascinating images, and facts. This will help you to increase your traffic; faster than any other website.
  • Leave contact details on your landing page to better connect to your customer.
  • Give links to great blogs, significant webinars, free gifts, few awesome offers, etc. to attract and impress the viewers.
  • It should have the ability to gain the trust of your future customers.
  • Do understand the difference between the home page and landing page from this blog. It is utterly important.


So we are finally standing on the verge of completely knowing about a landing page, its characteristics, and few points to follow for creating it and 8 golden tips as well. Use all these points and know how a landing should be?’ and enjoy making the relevant changes for your site. This is because ‘One good change can change your life forever.’

So make relevant changes, take careful steps, deliver filtered information and facts on a landing page and get good results.

I believe that you must have got every single point in your brain after reading this informative blog. Though if you feel that I have missed something relevant then what should you do? To help your friends by adding your worthy tips in the comments box.



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