How To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool?


In today’s SMAC era where utilizing tools like social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing has not only become a routine for a digital marketer. But using them to his advantage becomes the sole criterion in deciding the future and growth of his product/idea. Relying only on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is not enough. This blog will tell you how to use Pinterest for marketing.

Digital Marketers have to keep looking for new ways of using existing platforms or finding new platforms altogether.

One such platform called Pinterest though has recently been discovered has gained much popularity. For those of you who have heard about it for the first time, let me tell you what it is.

“Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content shared by others in their feed.”

Once we know about it, the next obvious question that comes to our mind is: Why to use Pinterest for marketing?

Why Pinterest?

It is a known fact that the retention power of the human brain works best with visuals and pictures. If different messages are delivered via different mediums like one by a picture or video another by reading or listening to it, in almost all cases a person will remember the message given by the visual and not the other media.

Pinterest as a platform capitalizes on the same principle and has been gaining popularity since its launch in March 2010. Brands see a huge potential in it as it’s a recently developed ultra-hot social media platform where photos occupy the center stage and sharing is second nature to the audience.

Currently, Pinterest has over 70 million users, 500,000 of which are business accounts.

Some of the major factors influencing the early adoption of this platform

1. It gives the business access to plenty of people

In today’s time where everyone and anyone is tech-savvy and wants to use the mobiles and internet before making any decision, Pinterest offers the brands the power to connect and communicate with a large audience at the same time.

2. Bounteous Buyable Pins

Pinterest has just recently introduced this new feature which allows its users to directly make purchases from the companies that include “Buy It” buttons on their Pins.

This not only facilitates the purchase of the content of Pins directly within the app but also makes it easier for customers to follow the purchase path. This can significantly contribute to the bottom line for a brand.

3. The Power of Promoted Pins

These allow companies to develop Pins that showcase their products. Pinterest then puts these Pins into its users’ feeds after analyzing the target audience for the same.

The companies then pay Pinterest as per the engagements or per-site visits generated by the Promoted Pins. It has been predicted that if Pinterest continues to grow this feature, this is an amazing platform to provide the right content to the right audience.

4. The community is Key

This is perhaps the most important feature of using this platform as it is all about the community here.

Whether it is in the form of following boards and users or contributing to shared boards, Pinterest offers both the opportunities to have a creative outlet or a platform for people to interact with what they want to do, make, and buy, along with other users similar to them. Boards here aren’t just lists – they’re people’s ideas, dreams, and aspirations.

It is a reflection of how to perceive the brand. Also, how they would want to see it in the future.

Knowing and using Pinterest is very simple. But to use Pinterest for marketing, the digital marketer needs to take care of a few other things as well. He must give due attention to the timings of Pin- the right Pin posted at the right time can help you gather huge traffic to your site.

He must also keep on posting and updating to add value especially to the Top categories on Pinterest to cater to a large audience at all times. Sales stats and shopping behavior observed on Pinterest can also be used by analysts in deriving various patterns and insights about the customers.

Also, using the right visuals to create the Pin can help a brand connect deeper and better with the audience.

Tips which can help you use Pinterest as a better marketing tool and achieve a positive ROI

1. Be Selective

It focuses on selecting the images that one wants to Pin. Brands must not make the mistake of flooding their boards and pinning every single image. Instead, select the best ones and only use them to attract the right audience.

2. Use Teasers

You must not give all the goodies away in one image or one image description. Rather, you must create pins that relate to your products or services. And give just the information enough to attract and guide the customers to your site for more details.

This can help you garner the required traffic as well as has the potential to take advantage of cross-selling.

3. Add ‘Pin It’ Buttons

This is a new feature of Pinterest which makes buying easy for the users hence, just as you integrate social networks and sharing buttons on your website, make sure to add “pin it” buttons which will make it easy for other people to pin your images. You can also add a follow button for your Pinterest profile.

4. Use Lots of Images

You must use a lot of images on your site so that people can choose and pin more and more images. Videos can also be pinned. Using a lot of images can also help in creating a visual story for your product. And in turn, it increases the recall value of the brand.

5. Pin Often, Pin Variety

You must often Pin as the more you pin, the more people are likely to see the pins that they like and further re-pin, like, follow or comment on it. The unique property of Pins is their long shelf life.

They aren’t buried as easily as a Tweet. Also, don’t just pin your images; Re-pin, like, follow and comment on other pins/pinners that are relevant to your industry or might be interested in your business at some point. This will help you improve your relationship with the audience

6. Pin Vertically

By vertically, I mean that literally… use images that are taller than they are wide. Because of the layout, it will attract more eyeballs. Using dark borders on the image or adding text can also help.

7. Pin Mashups

This simply means that while making images or selecting images, you must take several examples of something and combine them into a vertical image showing each one in a different block. This way you will be able to communicate multiple things via a single image.

8. Feature Customers

The best way to market is to make your customers feel special. This type of marketing can be done in many ways on Pinterest. You can create a board where you feature a particular customer each week.

You can hold contests that require re-pinning (or whatever you like) for an entry. This increases the relationship with the customers and helps in marketing to generate traffic to your website.

In a nutshell, I would like to say that in this fast-moving digital world it is of utmost importance that you keep on finding new platforms and ways of utilizing them to achieve the desired results.

Pinterest is emerging as one of the most promising platforms in this regard. Hence, a strategic digital marketer must not waste any time in mastering it to be able to use it to their advantage. You should also learn how to get followers on Pinterest if you hope to leverage it.

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